Firefly Lane Season 1 Premiere Date, Trailer, Plotline and Everything you need to know

Firefly Lane Season 1 Updates: An yet-to- arrive American drama streaming television series, this is devised by Maggie Friedman.

Bestowed on us by Netflix, it takes after the best-selling novel of the same name under the author  Kristin Hannah revolving around the wholeheartedness of a fellowship among the world’s enhanced lack thereof and is slated for a late release this year.

Pitching up at locations in British Columbia which would be a view by itself to behold appending to the cinematography, this is listed up as one of the many anticipated releases in 2020.

Here’s a scoop of this upcoming series

Premiere date of Firefly Lane Season 1

With the conditions slumping down and extension of lockdown periods in many countries, it is obligatory to go by the COVID-19 safety protocols risking the incurrence of upping of production costs.

However, according to The Bibliophile’s sourced information it has already called a wrap on that and is destined for a release on Dec 31, 2020, enclosing 10 episodes in total.

Cast and Characters of Firefly Lane Season 1

Image Source: TVLine

The series will be analyzing various characters’ transition from childhood to adulthood, sporadically across the timeline.

What’s on Netflix reported that the character Tully Hart will be put together by London Robertson in the 70s’, Ali Skovbye in the 1980s, Grey’s Anatomy famed Katherine Heigl as her adult version while that of Kate Mularkey will star Roan Curtis in the younger role and Scrub’s Suran Chalke as the older equivalent.

Others like Sean will be played by Quinn Lord and Jason McKinnon, Max Brody by Narcos’s Jon-Michael Ecker, Reed Allen by Martin Donovan, and Yael Hurman, Beau  Garret, Chelah Horsdal, Jenna Rosenow, and Barden Jay completing the cast.

Outline of the story from its trailer

The short snippet which debuted few days prior is less than a minute long focussing primarily on a deep-rooted friendship between Tully and Kate, lasting for eternity defying all odds.

Needless to say that this unfeigned amity is crammed with a good amount of heartiness which is its main charisma, as flashed by the trailer. It is a tie-in to the novel’s scaffolding and we look forward to some behind-the-scenes information surfacing online hinting at more of its potential sequence.

Check out the trailer below

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