Deadpool 3: The beginning of a friendship between Merc and a MCU Villain

Deadpool 3 Updates: Keeping all the rumors aside, The movie is all set to come to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to the news reports, Deadpool is the market for third installments. One of the intellect reveals that Merc with a Mouth will form a twisted friendship with a well known MCU villain.

Know about the movie Deadpool

As the fans already know MCU is always up for keeping their films friendly to the audience especially under Disney. All the Marvel movie received a PG-13 rating. Now that Disney is merged with Fox, they took the characters to the R-rated level with Deadpool.

The first two films produced by Fox featured F-bombs, some violent scenes, inappropriate choice of words, and plenty of other adult things. And according to Geekosity, there won’t be any change soon in the Deadpool solo films.
Sutton said that ” When he is annoying Avengers or Spider-man, Deadpool will e the PG-13 just as he is in Marvel comics.”

There is no news about the director or screenwriter associated with the film yet as the project is in early development but it will surely hit the audience soon. The film is promising enough to be a part of a multi-picture deal between Marvel and Ryan Reynolds.

The friendship between Merc and MCU villain

Sutton highlighted the fact that it will take months or years for Marvel studio to plan out the direction of each and every character in MCU.

None of the members including Feige drop any hints about the future of Deadpool character.

However, chances are Taskmaster will indulge in a fight in Deadpool 3.

Suttons explained that Taskmaster will be the major reason behind the PG-13 restrictions. In Deadpool 3 he will be pushed his limits to maximum and sources point out Deadpool and Taskmaster to encounter again in this upcoming venture.
Yet there is no confirmation that Taskmaster will come out alive from Black Widow but his character will be revived during phase four of the MCU.

He has been a fierce villain because of his potential to immediately copy the fight moves of the Marvel superheroes. He has the capability to imitate his opponents which makes him an exceptional villain.

It would be interesting to see how he will copy his strong opponent Deadpool.

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