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Is Sense8 Season 3 Cancelled? Here Here Is All That You Should Know!!

Sense8 Season 3
Sense8 Season 3

Sense8  Season 3 Updates: Sense 8 is an American web television series that is a science fiction drama. It is created by The Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski under the direction of Lana and Lilly Wachowskis and three other co-directors.

Sense 8 made its debut in the year 2015 in June. It debuted on the streaming giant, Netflix. The creators have managed to create two seasons until now. these two seasons comprise twenty-four episodes.

However, due to a lack of viewers and a small fanbase, the makers decided to discontinue the show. Hence, the show was canceled and not renewed for the third season. However, in 2018, a special episode was dropped by the makers as the concluding episode of the series.

Further, if the series returns with a third season, the same cast will be expected to return for this season as well.

Is Sense8 Season 3 Cancelled?

Sense8 Season 3
Sense8 Season 3

Sense 8, a Netflix original, terminated after the release of its second season. However, before the release of the third season of the show the makers decided to cancel it.

This was because the cost of production of the show was too high and the numbers of viewers were too less. The first installment did not have many viewers.

However, after the release of the second season, the viewer’s ratings and reviews dropped significantly. Hence, the possibilities of the third installment lowered even more.

Post cancellation of the third running, the viewers and supporters demanded the release of next season. All of them tweeted on Twitter demanding a new season. However, Netflix did not respond to any of these and did not present any confirmation regarding a new running.

Was Season 3 Renewed in 2017?

No, the show was never renewed for a new season. Hence, the makers never gave false hopes to the audience of the show. An episode of 152 minutes was dropped in 2018 which marked the conclusion of the series.

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