Prison Break Season 6 Dominic Purcell Shares Amanury Nolasco is aware what’s going on?

Prison Break Season 6 Updates: The fans of Prison Break have been waiting with bated breath to welcome the new season on board.

Thankfully, we have Dominic Purcell, who keeps on notifying us about the updates relating to the new season of the series. According to him, the 6th season is in making.

The filming of Prison Break has already been kick-started. However, the present pandemic has affected its production to a great extent. The pandemic has a very gruesome effect on the entertainment industry.

It also has left the same devastating effect on this very season of the series, thus delaying the production. Most of the filming and production works have been stopped, postponing the works for an indefinite period of time.

However, the plot of the season has not yet been revealed so as to prevent rumors.

Prison Break Season 6: What Dominic Purcell Shares?

Just a few days back, Dominic Purcell, took to Instagram, sharing updates about the new season as well as shattering many rumors that have been left in the air. He assured that season 6 of the series would surely take place.

Further, considering a few rumors he said, Rightly, he is old enough, he is 50. Secondly, He is not really bald. He has shaved his hair for people who like him bald.

Image Source: Metro

Thirdly, Prison Break season 6 will surely take place. Fourthly,  No, he doesn’t like humans. Not on mass definitely. Along with answering the rumors, he also posted a selfie.

The fans of Prison Break might have forgotten his previous messages about the Prison Break Season 6 making.  In May, this year, the actor also hinted at him about the release of the movie quoting, “@amaurynolasco is the only one that knows what’s going with #prisonbreak6.

Hit him up,” Dominic Purcell wrote on Instagram for a short clip. Amaury Nolasco played the role of Fernando Sucre in Prison Break. He has also played a remarkable role in Transformers.

The Cast of Prison Break Season 6

We are going to spot Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller playing the protagonists’ roles of Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield respectively. Also, Sara Tancredi is going to mark her return with the role of Sarah Wayne.

All Other significant roles will be played by actors like Rockmond Dunbar, Amaury Nolasco, Inbar Lavi, and Robert Knepper, in the shoes of C-Note, Sugar, Sheba, and T-Bag respectively.

There has not been any official reach out of the release date. Let’s hold on to our patience a little more.

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