The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Sabrina the Teenage Witch Differences and Similarities

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Updates: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina provided a dark and spooky twist to the infamous 1996 teenage witch, Sabrina Spellman. The fans of the 1996 version liked this improvised version much more.

Netflix converted the light-hearted magic version into much darker, heinous magic and brought out Satan himself.

Well, this may be due to that Netflix’s version is adapted from a novels series by Archie Horror. It is a horror-comedy story, which allowed the show to amp up its spookiness. Continue reading to know more.

Dissimilarities between Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Sabrina didn’t attend a proper magic school

The Netflix show started with Sabrina deciding about her confusion between abandoning her human life or not. She wanted to abandon her human life and enter the supernatural world so that she can attend the Academy of the Unseen Arts. This enrolment is a huge deal for Sabrina, who stayed as a human for so many years.

But this decision was quite difficult for her, as her parents were a witch-human couple. So, Sabrina cannot understand why she can balance both the worlds.

However, in the 1996 show, Sabrina never intended a magical school, neither is she compelled to accept her witch side and commit to Satan.

Salem Character is not familiar

Salem is one of the famous characters who is a talking animal appearing on TV. In both, the shows, Salem’s origin is quite a contrast. 

In the 1996 show, Salem is a 500-year old witch, who is converted into a cat for 100 years owing to some mistake. He committed a grave mistake with the Witches council and was sen to stay with Hilda. However, this idea was implemented on Ambrose, Sabrina’s cousin in the improvised version. 

In Netflix’s version, Salem is a nobody, with no back story, and he isn’t even comfortable discussing it. When Sabrina reaches the age, she must summon someone familiar.

At first, she imagines all this to be a hoax, but then all of sudden, someone appears. This is none other than Salem.

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Similarities between Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Sabrina Still defies rules.

Between both the versions, Sabrina’s nature is still the same. In the 1996 version’s Sabrina is a rebellious kid in terms of using magic. She is quite naive when it comes to using her magic. Sabrina would often try magic to escape from any situation, only to backfire it.

However, Netflix’s version has its rebellious way but in different contexts. She uses her magic to build a reformation in the Church of Night. According to her the rules of this Church as well as magic is quite outdated.  

Council of Witches

The Witches council is a contrasting yet similar trait in both the version. Sabrina in 1996, often had to report to the Witches’ council, now and then.

She was summoned by them for using wrong magic, owing to which her eligibility was even questioned. However, in Netflix’s version, the council follows quite similar guidelines, but, it is rather witnessed as a church.

The new version punishes any witch, who goes against the rules of Church of Night. In both the versions, the church or the council were the ultimate power. 



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