Destiny 2: New Weapons and armor disclosed Beyond Light, must know about them

Destiny 2: New Weapons and armor  – As it’s time to roll up the curtains from some of the facts of upcoming expansion of Destiny. Destiny 2: Beyond Light as already announced to release this year in November. So Bungie realizing these things reveals some of the weapons and armors that players and fans will be able to witness in upcoming expansion of Destiny.

Meanwhile not only this Bungie also reveals most of their works and when players will get them when they will land in Europa . But the thing to keep in mind is that these are just few of the new weapons and armors that Beyond Light will have . The expansion of Destiny have musch more surprises for the fans and players , it’s just a small pinch . However with this reveal of some weapons Bungie works on increasing desperation of the fans .

So below mention some of the weapons and armors that Destiny 2 : Beyond Light will have to explode thrill amongst the folks .

Exotic Weapons of Destiny 2 : Beyond Light

Exotic Pulse Rifle : No Time To Explain

Exotic Sniper Rifle : Cloydstrike

Exotic Sword : The Lament

Exotic Grenade Launcher : Salvation’s grip

Exotic Armors of Destiny 2 : Beyond Light

Titan Exotic Helmet : Precious Scars

Titan Exotic Gamtlets : Icefall Mantle

Hunter Exotic Gauntlets : Arthry’s Embrace

Hunter Exotic Helmet : Mask of Bakris

Warlock Exotic Helmet : Dawn Chorus

Warlock Exotic Gauntlets : Necrotic Grip

After witnessing the trailer that recently drops on various platforms . The upcoming expansion seems to be more promising . Now it will be interesting to watch how will the gaming community response to upcoming game . The additions and their impact on game play will be a mind-blowing thrill . According to Bangie , the weapons and armors going to add in the upcoming expansion will complement the playing style of Destiny 2 : Beyond Light . That a cool goal to achieve .

The upcoming expansion of the game is all set with new plot and storyline. All things will slowly unreveal as the players will move further in the game . Players will get a chance to explore in places when they will land in Europa . So do not miss out the game and go for the pre-order on official website .

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