Love and Hip Hop: Mimi Fust and Rasheed Frost has to share about the candle-throwing plot

Love and Hip Hop Updates: Love and Hip Hop have been branded for introducing some of the most paradigmatic scenes among all reality televisions. One of such great iconic scene is filmed by  Rasheeda Frost and K. Michelle.

Holding the two characters on spot, the scene displays that when Frost and Michelle entered into a heated agreement, a candle went flying. Recently, both the friends and co-star Frost and friend/co-star Mimi Faust, joined hands to discuss one of the most exemplary moments that has ever been spotted in the show’s history.

Love and Hip Hop: memorable moments have been made by K. Michelle

Conquering the main role in Love and Hip Hop, Michelle has first marked her appearance on Atlanta Series and then advanced to New York and Hollywood. She was featured as one of the leading casting crew in  Atlanta.

However, it knocked her singing career drastically. Even her plot highlights her singing career as well as the bond and clashes she maintained with her co-stars.

She encountered a big squabble with Karlie Redd, at the instance when Faust decided to bring them together.

Remarking another massive moment was when Michelle attended Faust’s housewarming. Ariane Davis and Faust were also present in the situation. No sooner did Frost entered the situation, Michelle and Frost got into the cats a dogs fight. Insults started flying in the air and massive objects were thrown here and there.

Let’s see what Mimi Faust and Rasheeda Frost has to express about the iconic scene today

When the moments of the show were being revisited by Redd and Frost for a  new series in which VH1 revisits the most famous moments from the franchise. Frost exclaimed on watching the scene that coming so far, she is not going to hit anybody.

Highlighting the part specifically, K  Michelle said  “Tell Kirk and his three earrings I said hello,” Frost basically meant that she had to reach out to that. “You just don’t say nothing about my man, my kids…when you do it just takes me there.”

Expressing her wish, she said that now she wished that she had reacted in a totally different way when K. Michelle flung the candle at her.

This March saw the premiering of the 9th season on VH1. However, it could not be rolled out completely and had to be cut short due to the pandemic. Now, let’s just see whether the 10th season is being able to be aired by March or April of 2021.

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