Jujutsu Kaisen Episode1 features a lot of Supernatural Curses and Sorcerers and What we know so far

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 1 Updates: Sunghoo Park directed a web television anime series known as Jujutsu Kaisen. The anime has a supernatural, adventure, and dark fantasy theme and is produced by MAPPA.

Written by Hiroshi Seko, this Japanese anime is based on a manga series created by Gege Atukami. The adaption of the manga as anime was announced on 22 December 2019. Jujutsu Kaisen consists of 24 episodes. The first episode of Jujutsu Kaisen aired on 3 October 2020 on JNN. Here is a gist of the first episode:

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 1: Introduction

In a world full of powerful curses and brilliant sorcerers we are introduced to Itadori Yuuji. He has to make choices on which his life depends. The story starts in a dense atmosphere where we find Itadori trying to regain his consciousness and covered in his own blood.

Isadora notices a man sitting blindfolded across him. The man claims to be an instructor at Jujutsu Tech and named as Gojou Satoru. When Itadori asks Gojou about Fushiguro, the latter suggests him to think about his life which is at stake.

Fushiguro meets Itadori:

Image Source: Anime Feminist

We get into a flashback where Itadori and his friends, Sasaki and Iguchi are members of the Occult Club. Ishiguro is wandering around in Itadori’s school and notices a power curse creature who is Itadoris’.

As a student of Jujutsu Tech, Fushiguro is in search of a high-grade curse object. Isadora had a last yet deep conversation with his grandfather before the latter passes away.

He told Itadori to live a life helping out others and die with people surrounding him and not to follow his grandfather’s footsteps. Ishiguro comes and sympathizes with Itadori but asks for a serious conversation.

In conversation, Itadori mentions that his friends have an object like what Fushiguro is looking for and they are going to check it. Ishiguro gets alarmed and tells Itadori that their lives are at a great risk.

Itadori follows his grandfather’s wish:

Itadori rushes to get to his friends along with Fushiguro but they are late. The curses get out of control and Fushiguro tries to control the situation but gets injured.

Thinking about what his late grandfather said, Itadori reaches out to help his friends and Fushiguro from the crises and later eats the finger and is possessed by Sukuna. For more such articles and new updates about the series, stay tuned! 

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