Destiny 2: Beyond Light arriving soon & Everything we know so far

Destiny 2 Updates: Just about one month remaining for the start of the fourth generation of games. Destiny 2: Beyond the light, is another major expansion for Bungie’s shooter MMO. This will bring a new era of gaming.

The upcoming expansion will include a new campaign, new locations, and a bunch of small changes. Beyond Light is available for pre-order and Play Station 4 and Xbox One. The upcoming Destiny 2: Beyond Light will also be available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X, when they will land in the market.

Seasons for arrivals which is the eleventh season kicks off in Destiny 2. This continues the battle of guardians to save humanity. The upcoming expansion is a result of a chain of events from season eleven. From am is t pyramid ship above Europa, some new power emerges. Guardians this time will investigate its harsh infiltration of Golden Age Braytech. Beyond Light will also witness the discovery of its secrets too.

Stasis, a new elemental power will introduce in the expansion with the latest new six-person raid in Deep Stone Crypt under a tundra. Going through the information from the live stream, it confirms ‘Witch Queen’ will be the next expansion in 2021. Meanwhile followed by ‘Light Fall’ in 2020. The upcoming expansion will mark the beginning of a new era in Destiny.

Binge shares the good news that Destiny two will be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X. The best part is if one purchases Destiny 2: Beyond Light, for Xbox one, it will automatically available on Xbox series X for free because of X box standard delivery.

Bonuses in Destiny 2: Beyond Light:

Image source: destinytracker

One who preorders the game will get early and instant access to the Special Exotic Ghost shell. Legendary Emblem and other bonus items will be waiting for them.

Editions available: 

Standard Edition $40

Expansion + Season, it will cost about $50 and will have a stranger’s weapon pack with catalyst. And a no time to explain exotic + rifle.

Digital Delux Edition $70, this edition will bring full years of seasonal content along with many other special bonuses

Collector Edition $200, it is the topmost edition of this part of the game. It will contain everything the digital edition has. With much more grand benefits.

So rush and get your game pre-booked, as the stock will not last long.

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