Soulmate Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything about the show

Soulmate Updates: Love is the feeling of sacrifice towards one another. It is the base of every sweet relationship. When two parts of the same soul unite, something like a miracle happens. This is only the theory of ‘Soulmates’.

In the current scenario, people choose their love and partners over a dating app or on social media platforms. Well AMC’s upcoming production, may give some of the answers. This show ‘Soulmates’ is set in fifteen or more years in the future.

The wrists are their relationships will face tests through technologies. The show puts all its efforts into answering “What will you do? When your heart wants someone but science points towards else.”

Soulmates Release Date :

This co-creation of Will bridges and Brett Goldstein. Soulmates have a large number of gossips and buzz over different platforms. Even before it releases. According to the official announcement, the season one of the show will premier on 5 October 2020.

The first season of the show will have six episodes. All one hour long. The best thing is the show even before the premiere of season one has a renewal for another season.

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Soulmate Plot and Storyline

Will Bridges, Rob Savage, Marco Kerri Zpamtner, and Andrea Harkness as the team of directors. Soulmates are going to be a science fiction drama that conceptualizes in an anthological format. Each episode of the upcoming show will represent different stories. So this means that show has a numerous quantity of cast members.

The common thread that joins all six episodes is the search for soulmate and love. 15 years in the future with advanced technologies and science modifications, which points out towards one’s soulmate.

Story of Martha, who recently recovered from a toxic relationship. Depends on technology and fails in it. Another story of Kurt, who finds out that his soul.aye is dead. Meanwhile, Travis is also a protagonist who is a heartbroken man. He is a man with many suicidal tendencies and cut off from society.

Not revealing much and not creating spoilers for the audience. Just wait for the arrival of the show as the countdown phase is going to over. For more information, stay tuned.

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