Boys season 2: How did Hughie abetted Lamplighter to kill his own self?

Boys season 2 Updates: In the present episode, we can see one of the casts succumbs to death by killing himself. What is the reason behind such a drastic step?

This character is none other than Lamplighter, who marks his presence in the “Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker” episode of Season 2. Prior to this, we have seen Lamplighter, who is the former member of The Seven and is also the most active member of the dispersing of Boys just after killing Malory’s grandchildren.

He burnt the grandchildren alive to succumb to death. In season one his name was just referred. Season 2 marked his actual appearance on the screen. His arrival in the season was marked in the part of Stormfront’s Sage Grove conspiracy.

Boys season 2: Updates

“The bloody doors off” makes Lamplighter come face to face with his own demonic side when he was confronted with two members of the Boys group, Frenchie and M.M. Thus we see that their getting together was not as unpleasant as it seemed to be.

Lamplighter also condones that he has done a grievous mistake by burning Malory’s grandchildren, and confessing that the very incident has shaken his nerves from within. After a short and crisp reunion, the boys take custody and charge of Lamplighter, and it is only after that, they decide to treat him with some ounces of mercy.

Later, Victoria Neuman, Mallory, and The Boys plan to use Lamplighter as the most crucial witness against Vought but change their plans later due to some unfavorable situation in the way. Sadly, later, we find Lamplighter killing himself by ignition, in The Seven’s control room. Lamplighter’s death is the latest trend in Boys season 2 which is sure to leave the audience awestruck.

However, this nevertheless is the first time Lamplighter wanted to kill himself. Prior to this, we spot him at different times in the season when he actually wants to kill himself, portraying is suicidal temperament. Previously when Malory confronted Lamplighter, he pleaded to kill him, thus lying testimony to the above-mentioned fact.

Being very much affirmative of the fact that he is going to be slaughtered soon by Vought after testifying, Lamplighter acknowledges death.  When asked by Hughie whether he wants to be a “cuck”, waiting for Vought, he decides to take the exit in his hands and takes his own life. Hughie thus abetted him to suicide. Though it was not his plan.

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