The Good Lord Bird Starring Ethan Hawke will be Released on October 4 2020 and Other Details

The Good Lord Updates: Ding Dong! Here is the arrival of a fresh new series by Ethan Hawke. The series is going to date some…

Published: October 7th, 2020 4:24 am | Updated: May 11, 2022 4:24 am

The Good Lord Updates: Ding Dong! Here is the arrival of a fresh new series by Ethan Hawke. The series is going to date some 200 years back and will take us to the 1800 century. Hawke’s new series, Good Lord Bird, is going to star him in the shoes of John Brown, the abolitionist.

The series is adapted from the book, “The Good Lord Bird” written by James McBride.  Narrating the story of Onion (Joshua Caleb Johnson), a boy who had been slaved, It shows us that Onion later join hands with Brown’s family of abolitionist soldiers. It took place at the time of Bleeding Kansas, and after that got indulged in the 1859 raid at Harpers Ferry.

However, Brown was hoping for a slave revolt, when he joined the Harpers Ferry. His expectations did not turn out to be much fruitful. Later, though it sparked up a Civil War.

Tracing back to the Antebellum era, this series, the show casts before the series of happenings, which was intrinsic behind changing American History forever. Wrapped up in a single series, the seven episodes are going to occur once a week, on Showtime, this very month.

Let’s read below to know everything about the Good Lord Bird.

Release Date : 

The Good Lord Bird is going to be screened on this very Sunday, October 4.  Get your episode ready to be watched at 9/8c on Showtime.

Where to watch the trailer: 

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The trailer had been released by Showtime, long time down the lane, in May.


  1.  Ellar Coltrane (Boyhood),
  2. Hubert Point-Du Jour (Madam Secretary),
  3. Beau Knapp (Seven Seconds),
  4. Nick Eversman (Wild),
  5. Jack Alcott (Champaign ILL),

We can also anticipate the presence of,

  1. Daveed Diggs  as abolitionist Frederick Douglass,
  2. David Morse as Dutch Henry Sherman,
  3. Steve Zahn  as Chase,
  4. Wyatt Russell as federal officer Jeb Stuart
  5.  Orlando Jones as The Rail Man.
  6. The very daughter of  Hawke’s daughter, Maya Hawke makes an appearance as Annie Brown.

Where to watch the series : 

We can enjoy this series right on Showtime, in case we have a subscription, we are free to stream it on its an app or on as well. On the contrary, if we lack the subscription, we can sign up for 30 days free trial on Showtime at watching it right there.

However, an amount of $10.99 per month will be deducted by Showtime aftr the end of the free trial.