Ratched Ten Scenes that Portrays Every Side Of Her

Ratched Updates: 1. She Lobotomizes The Priest: The series starts with the brutal murder of a group of priests by a man named Edmund. It is revealed that he’s Ratched’s foster brother, and she is determined to save him.

The fact that she does so with an ice pick is truly horrifying, and it reveals the lengths to which she’ll go to protect her brother.

2.The Puppet Show

Mildred goes to a puppet show with her lover Gwendolyn.  Very innocently the whole thing ends up being an extended deluding, in which the viewer gets to know about Mildred’s childhood trauma, It’s a humbling reminder of the many things that she’s endured in her life and of the trauma that’s key to her identity.

3.Her Declaration To Edmund That She’s Coming After Him

Mildred has to come to terms with the fact that her brother can’t be saved, Edmund manages to escape, but not before learning that Mildred had planned to euthanize him.

It then turns out that he’s traced her location to Mexico. Mildred coldly reminds him that she’s the one who will be coming after him, and the absolute steely determination in her voice is terrifying to behold.

4.Gwendolyn Shows How Sick She Is

There’s a chemistry between Sarah Paulson and her costar Cynthia Nixon (the governor’s press secretary), Mildred develops a passionate attachment with her.

It is revealed that Gwendolyn has breast cancer, Mildred speculates that they will be able to leave for Mexico, where they can start over and where Gwendolyn can get the treatment she needs. It’s sweet and tender, and it shows the more sensitive, loving side of Mildred’s character.

5. She Manipulates A Patient Into Suicide

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Mildred determines that she needs to become one of the bossy people at the hospital and to do that she needs to make sure that Dr. Hanover sees her as indispensable. she then manipulates a troubled patient into taking his own life in the good doctor’s office, with the doctor’s own letter opener.

Later She proceeds to help Dr. Hanover cover up the whole incident but also putting him into her debt.

6. Desire To Euthanize Edmund Rather Than Send Him To The Chair

this one of the most horrifying scenes of all time, when a man is electrocuted, but things go horribly wrong and his suffering is truly horrid to behold. Mildred, realizing that this is the destiny that awaits Edmund if the governor has his way, decides that the best thing would be for her to humanely euthanize him rather than let him suffer.

It’s obviously more than a little horrifying in its own way, but it also reveals that in her own mind at least, Mildred really does see herself as an angel of mercy.

7.  Fantasy With Wainwright

From the start of the series, it’s pretty clear that Mildred has a  complicated relationship with her sexuality, and one of the first signs of that is the means by which she tries to get herself in the mood to seduce the investigator Wainwright. It’s truly disturbing, and it vividly shows that Mildred has very complicated psychology.

8. Rejection Of Huck’s Romantic Overtures

The most straightforwardly heroic character is Huck, who was badly scarred in the war but has a heart of gold. he questions Mildred if she would like to go out with him.  she does it in a very touching way and, ultimately, she ensures that he becomes the head nurse at the hospital.

9.  Locking Wainwright In The Boiling Water

Considering that Wainwright has been paid a big amount of money to kill Dr. Hanover, it’s not surprising that he would go to the hospital to try to do so. But When things don’t go as he planned, and Hanover and Ratched end up locking him in a tub full of boiling water.

The fact that Ratched would do this, even knowing how excruciating the pain would be for him, doesn’t paint her in a very flattering light.

10. She Helped The Lesbians Escape The Hospital

During the starting episodes, the viewer meets two women who have been committed themselves due to their lesbianism.  Ratched participates in attempts to heal them, she ultimately decides to assist them to escape the hospital.

This act really works to humanize Mildred, and it reveals to the viewer that she’s not a complete monster, that there is in fact a great deal of compassion in her nature.

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