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Yellowstone Season 4 Theory Why John Dutton stop Kayce and Rip Seeking Revenge

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Yellowstone Season 4 Updates: The last season of Yellowstone has left the viewers in total suspense over the series of events and in the desire for more. Will the next season open with the same kind of thrill? Will the suspense reach the culminating point and finally come to an end? Will the face of the culprit will be ultimately spotted?

All these curiosities are at the paramount spot and need to be taken up very soon. Viewers are very much elevated to know what follows next. Mostly how the new episode will open.

We have seen the ultimate ending which could leave the Dutton family in ashes. Catastrophic and disastrous as it was, the confronting had the power to leave the family in dismay.

We see that John had a narrow miss. The continuous ringing of his phone saved him from a gunshot which was about to infiltrate through his heart. Though all was not safeguarded. The gunshot wounded several parts of his body. He was left completely wounded and bleeding.

However, the children Beth and Kayce, was safe, though not completely. They too had been targeted by some odd muggers.

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Now we see, how the series has taken such a thrilling turn. Definitely, the fans are waiting for the mystery to be out. Sadly, it is a distant dream still. The production has just been picked and there still remains a lot of time before it appears on the screen. Still, there is a bright side to it. More delay means the fans have got additional time to guess what may be the follow-up.

Fingers are generally pointing towards Roarke Morris who has been trying his level best to barge into John’s territory.

Likewise, the other group of fans has been assuming Jamie Dutton with suspicious eyes after he revealed the clandestine truth about his shaken history. Continuous debates have been on as to who is going to make it to the final with life.

However, Yellowstone’s audience has to wait for a new episode to approach every week and the show’s accustomed speed will take some time of course to resume.

Yellowstone Season 4 Cast:

John (played by Kevin Costner)

Beth (Kelly Reilly)

Kayce (Luke Grimes)

Roarke Morris (Josh Holloway)

Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley)

So let us just stay tuned for a new season to uncover the suspense.

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