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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 How to enable ECG Setting and Watch can be Paired with non-Samsung Devices

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
Image Source: XDA Developers

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Updates: The recently launched Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Active 2 are another smartwatches Samsung drop in the market. They both have a feature of the ECG monitor. The Electro Cardiogram allows users to keep a check on their heart rhythms. It also keeps a check on irregularities like Atrial Fibrillation.

But for taking advantage of this feature there is a must need for Samsung’s ECG monitoring app. A few months ago Samsung received FDA clearance for its ECG monitoring app. Even users are using it in the USA.

Currently, the app is available only for Samsung devices and will work on Samsung devices only. This means that users with Galaxy watch 3 and Galaxy Active 2 with no Samsung devices cannot use this feature.

But don’t worry here we come out with another method. This will help you to use ECG on non-Samsung devices too.

Follow this procedure and have fun :

Before we get toward the procedure the must requirements are. A window pc/laptop, an android device, a wireless connection, any of the two Galaxy watch 3 or active 2.

  • java for Windows offline (64bit)
  • Java SE/oracle J.D.K. click on ‘JDK download’ and download the 64-bit window installer.
  • Download the latest Tizen studios with ID illustrator.
  • Download Fit 2 installer, BP.tpk
  • Download Samsung health monitor v.1..1.0.167. Caravan
  • After installing Samsung health monitor v.1..1.0.167. caravan on your phone
  • open settings in galaxy watch>about watch>software then tap on it five times to open developer mode.
  • go back to about watch and tap on debugging.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
Image Source: Pocket Lint
  • Now navigate to WiFi settings on the watch and change them to always on.
  • Connect it to the same network to which pc is connected.
  • Reboot watch and then connect to WiFi.
  • Install Tizen package manager with S.5 wearable.
  • Click on install
  • In extension, the SDK tab installs the Samsung certificate extension and Samsung wearable extension.
  • Open certificate manager and click on the + icon and in pop up select Samsung logo.
  • click on >device>mobile/wearable
  • Create any certificate profile of any name.
  • Create a new account and remember password and account details
  • A pop up will ask you to log in with the same account
  • Open device manager
  • Few more steps will be directed by the package and unzip the file extensions

after the certificate and app, successfully installs you can use your galaxy watch.

Note that this feature of the watch currently working in the USA and South Korea only. Other regions have no permissions.



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