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One Piece Revealed Drake’s New Connection and Everything you should know

One Piece
Image Source: Den of Greek

One Piece Updates: We are on our way to the 1000 chapter of the One-Piece manga series. As the series continues forward with the War of Wano at its peak and in full swing, it seems that the turncoat known as X Drake has decided which side of the battle will he lend his strength to.

In the previous running, we have seen that the Beast Pirates lead by Kaido found an unfaithful way of Drake. They used a marine that went deep inside in an undercover state. This was done to learn more about how the world of pirates works and specifically to learn about what Kaido is planning to do in Wano Country!.

One Piece Spoilers Ahead.

In the last installment, Drake was attacked by his former colleagues who are also a part of the Beast Pirates. The group got to know that he was a traitor. Little did they know that he is a complete marine.

 One Piece
Image Source: Den of Greek

When the forces of Kaido were attempting to kill Drake, X could not think of anything. Hence, he pleaded in front of Monkey D. Luffy to join his side in the fight.

When Drake was seen changing minds and jumping from one place to another in terms of loyalty, Zoro attacked the undercover marine. Further, the Straw Hats agreed that X cannot be trusted. Further, Luffy accepts Drake and convinced everyone to accept X in their group. He did this in his typical Monkey fashion.

X Drake is the most interesting character in the world of Grand Line. He has been a mystery for all the sides. The fans are waiting for the twist to see if he will be able to survive the War of Wano with his flipping or not

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