If iOS 14 drains out your battery , here’s what you need to do

iOS14 is the current major release on September 16, 2020, of the iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. for their iPhone and iPod Touch lives. Unfortunately, there has been already enough criticism about it under this short time since its release.iOS 14 problems have continued steadfastly which is pretty commonplace for a new launch, but what is unusual is it can’t be overhauled in the incremental iOS update version.

Is iOS 14 drains out your battery, here’s what you need to do?

Users with both an Apple Watch and iPhone paired up with it are noticing issues while updating to iOS 14 and watch OS 7. Seems like it has failed to meet up its customers’ demand for reliable trouble-free performance in an operating system and they haven’t arrived at that opportune moment yet. There were quite a few tweets from users thrusting upon how the batteries are drained out before its average lifespan, drastically from 90 percent to 3 percent within an hour. Whereas this update also has some other drawbacks hassling others that are equally as much of a nightmare scenario for Apple as for its customers. Missing fitness data, health apps taking too long to respond, troubleshooting problems, stored data reports going haywire with increased battery drain are some common glitch details people are suffering from.

How to fix this issue?

Other than it’s bug fix update (14.0.1) which was of no avail, Apple has also proposed a  solution through its support guide as the only fix if one is facing more than two of the hassles listed earlier b, that is to unpair the iPhone and the watch and factory reset both of the devices. Now, this would automatically create a backup of the watch’s data on the iPhone while erasing all its contents. The way to retrieve the data is through iCloud settings where the data is to back up before this whole rebooting process. Post factory reset when the phone is fixed the data you have to restore the data form the iCloud back-up. Although missing workout route maps, environmental sound controls, and health data might not be reinstated at least this would serve as the savior for future workouts and “prevent future data loss” without the battery dying halfway through.
All in all, it may not be an ultimate package but there’s no need to take a  negative stance against it and dread the system. Like every other, this one too has side effects. For what it’s worth, it is the biggest groundbreaking version to date.

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