God of High School: Will There Be Another Episode

God of High School-

The God of High School is a webtoon form South Korea. Recently, it’s 13th episode aired, and apparently, this might be the season finale too. Fans of this anime are now wondering if there would be another episode in the first season or will the makers opt for a sequel. Continue reading to know more about the possibilities.

Plot for God of High School

The main lead is Mori Jin, a 17-year-old martial arts expert hailing from Seoul, South Korea. Towards the beginning of the tale, Jin receives an invitation to join the Martial Arts Tournament known as The God of High School. This event’s sponsorship is provided by a shady corporation.

God of High School-

This corporate brings all high school martial arts experts to combat at the regional level followed by the national level, to select the top three representatives in the World Tournament. The prize for winning this tournament is, however, the most interesting one, the winner gets his wish fulfilled by the hosts without any further explanations.

This unique prize attracts Mori who decides to take part in this tournament, and the story then traces his struggle in the tournament.

Is there a possibility of Episode 14 for the God of High School?

The God of High School’s 13th episode, God/God is the final episode for the anime’s first season. It’s 13th episode aired on 28th September 2020, while its English dub will air on 16th November 2020.

Unfortunately, the Crunchyroll anime is now over. However, fans have several unanswered questions left from the 13th episode. SO with so much source material left on board, we expect the makers to either opt for a 14th episode or a sequel.

Only two out of the six original arcs of the Webtoon are adapted into this anime. But, unfortunately, no official announcement is available for the expected possibilities. So, the arrival of a 14th episode or a sequel is quite grim.

Additional information

WIth no 14th episode onboard currently, we expect the makers to make the material available for the 14th episode, into the first episode of the second installment.

This anime enjoys a huge fan following and owns the popularity rank of 361 with 7.37 user ratings on MyAnimeList. So,  this popularity may end up compelling the makers to go for a second installment towards the end of 2021.

For more updates, stay tuned.

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