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Queen of South Season 5: Everything we know so far

Queen of South Season 5

Queen of South is a popular American crime drama web television series. The fourth season last year has a massive game-changing cliffhanger ending. Since then, fans and audiences are desperately waiting for the new season.

A new season with an all-new set of episodes. That will break the suspense and get them a new peak of thrill. Principal cast Molly Brunette reveals about the upcoming season and it’s filming on her Instagram account.

Expecting release of Queen of South Season 5:

Queen of South season 5 will be exclusively on Netflix and USA Network in 2021. Fans are very much expecting drug cartel leader Teresa Mendoza again. Though the filming and production processes but the initial date is set in next summer, 2021.

Although a particular date of release is not confirmed yet. After estimating previous seasons, season five is expecting to have a total of thirteen episodes.

Queen of South Season 5-

The best season will follow the same novel previous seasons are following. On August 29, 2020, the officials announce the continuation of the production and filming processes. Production of season five was facing several delays since march 2020. Due to the corona pandemic entertainment industry suffered too. But now things seem to return onto the track again.

Plot and Storyline predictions :

If we go through the teaser that is available on different platforms since 2019. Teresa is due to meet a group of Russians who are determined to see her drug business fall. Fans will be a thrill to witness James. About what happens to James after Teresa finds him severy injured. Only this much information or predictions are available till now.

It seems like makers and teams like to keep the story in wraps before official disclosure. At this point predicting anything in air is not appropriate. So waiting for the official trailer to release. Hoping for a soon arrival of the trailer by the production team or Netflix.

Till any of our sources or Netflix itself reveals anything we will have to wait and watch. Meanwhile, we have ours over the production process currently going on.  For more inside news and information regarding your favorite shows and celebrities stay tuned to us.

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