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Òlòturé: Releasing Soon On Netflix & Everything We Know So Far


Òlòturé Updates: Here is another addition to Netflix’s collection of crime thrillers. This Nigerian drama, Òlòturé is surely going to add some extra stars to the present collection. Depicting a journalist, this drama delves deep into the hideousness of some realities.

The journalist is seen delving deep into the world of human trafficking and prostitution. The viewers can expect a very deep, realistic, and savage vision about the conditions of the sex workers. Weak hearts be aware! Let’s read further to know more.

The Plot Of Òlòturé:

We are now going to see it from the Nigerian journalist, Òlòturé’s eyes. Disguised as a prostitute, she manages to reach the underworld and exposes the shabbiness. A world blanketed with human trafficking and brutal violence! Òlòturé, a girl of youth and candid temperament has been forwarded for the accomplishment of such a horrendous task. Amidst her venture, she brings to limelight the menacing and heartbreaking conditions of the sex workers overseas.

Òlòturé: Who Were In The Show?


  1. Sharon Ooja is in the shoes of the lead journalist
  2. Beverly Osias enacts Peju
  3. Ada Ameh takes up Titi,
  4. Omowumi Dada show casts Linda,
  5. Blossom Chukwujekwu as in Emeka,
  6. Omoni Oboli as Alero,
  7. Segun Arinze as Theo,
  8. Adebukola Oladipupo to be  Beauty,
  9. Ikechukwu Onunaku enacting Chuks,
  10. Kemi Lala Akindoju into Blessing,
  11. Omawumi as Sandra and concludingly,
  12. Sambasa Nzeribe as Victor.


Òlòtūré’  has been directed by the internationally famous movie maker, Kenneth Gyang from a screenplay by Yinka Ogun and Craig Fremont.

Trailer Updates: 

Exposing the dirty and sham reality created by the underworld, this drama takes us deep into reality.  We are shown that her seniors at work, perceive her to be a woman of more courage rather than wisdom, and in the process, they hold her in front of the pathetic conditions, showering her way. Òlòtūré’ as well as Ooja both play a tremendous role to leave a mark in the hearts of people. The trailer is ultimately out!

Release Date Of Òlòturé: 

The drama,’ Òlòtūré’ had formerly been released on October 31, 2019, in Tunisia. That is just the right time, before the festivals. Let’s watch out for the film to premiere on Netflix globally on Friday, October 20.

Let us all just hold on with our bated breath, for the movie, to hit the coast.

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