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Who Was The Real Inspiration Behind Howard From Big Bang Theory?

Who Was The Real Inspiration Behind Howard From Big Bang Theory

The massively popular and loved show, CBS’s comedy ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ has been popular even after the show stopped airing in 2019. The fabulous cast is undoubtedly one of the main reasons behind the show’s popularity apart from the well-timed jokes.

But how many of us really knew that the famous part-time astronaut and aerospace engineer Howard Wolowitz, played by Simon Helberg is inspired by a real person who happens to be a personal friend of the sitcom’s co-creator Bill Prady.

Big Bang Theory: Bill Prady and Howard Wolowitz

Bill prady was not ‘This is my aim and I shall achieve it’ kind of person since the start. Before working on The Big Bang theory as the co-creator and executive producer, he was just another college dropout of the New York City desperate to grab any opportunity that came his way.

Big Bang Theory Bill Prady and Howard Wolowitz

We saw him explain to Slate back in 2009 how his research led him to a local RadioShack and he started computer programming with very little experience in the field. Thankfully, his co-worker friends always came to his rescue.

“I had a short-lived career as a computer programmer. I got involved in creating the FilePro software for the TRS-80 at my friend’s Howie’s place.” Said Prady

Yes, you heard it right. Howie or Howard Wolowitz is the real person after whom The Big Bang Theory’s Simon Helberg’s character is named.

Though at first there is no similarity to be seen between the two Howards, Prady believes that the time he spent with Howie really created the groundwork for the show’s Howard and other castmates. It helped him to understand the ‘geekish culture’ better and with the awesome depiction of the geeks on the show, we say there’s no arguing with that.

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