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Tehran season 1 Episode 3: Recap & Ending Explained


The third episode of Tehran begins with ‘Tehran’ jumps into a socio-political environment of Iran and then using it as a weapon to create more danger for the protagonist. We see Lamar tries to do her thing, still, she is pulled at both the ends by her own friends as well as her enemies.

By using contacts, she eventually finds a way to get things easy for herself, still, in that situation, even a single more mistake can be one’s own downfall. That’s what exactly happened to her.

Then the episode continues in a highly engaging curious way and turns into some unexpected turns and twists. Further by using the nature of characters and motivational aspects, the story gets driven forward and in the last, it left the viewers on another level of curiosity.

Recap: Tehran season 1 episode 3

Episode 3 of Tehran unfolds with Tamar’s meeting with are zoo and her aunt to provide her with a safe place to escape for just one night. In spite of the risks her aunt manages to help her niece but this also meant to invite some trouble for her own family.


Then Tamar contacts the ‘sick boy’ who previously helped to hack systems of that electric company. They ended up on dealing where he was supposed to provide a passport for her in return of some favours.

Then they met the very next day itself. And then the meeting turns out to be his favour which is in the support of the protest by students which led to a clash. When tamaris centered by problems from all sides. At the end of the day, she eventually knows the fact that she wasn’t careful about her own movements.

The Ending: Explained

After going through each and every possible thread to look for Tamar, both Masoud and Faraz then find themselves at the end of lines. When she refuses to go in with the plan Masoud becomes very irritated with her.

Then after zhila’s apartment events, she was already supposed to meet him and by ending up at the safe home. So then it would be the duty of Masoud’s to get her to the border’s other side.

Still, she tries to run away from that extremely safe and secure place for her and eventually creates more problems for herself, as well as for him. She again then protested at all places and almost got caught up by Faraz’s men who have been following Masoud.

Tamar has to be very careful about her actions. While having a target on the back. That’s why her being on the protest only creates problems and trouble for her.

After which he bids goodbye to aunt while knowing the fact that all things are getting more tricky for herself. Further, Faraz’s men started following Masoud and he comes up with a plan to save Tamar. Whereas Tamar always finds out a way for her problems. In the second episode, Tamar finds refuge at her aunt’s house.

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