Locked Up Season 6 Has Renewed or Cancelled? and What we know so far

Locked Up Season 6 Updates: Locked Up is a crime, thriller, and serial drama Spanish television series with the original (Spanish) title as ‘Vis a Vis’ released first on Antena 3, a Spanish network and later picked up by Fox Spain but now it is a Netflix series. The series was created by a group of well-known makers Alex Pina, Lobato, Daniel Ecija, Esther Martinez, and Evan Escobar.

Locked Up Season 6 Plot

The story of series revolves around a young naive woman who manipulates funds because of her love for her boss. She gets a sentence of 7 years in jail with a very high price for the bail. Her family ends up in a mess due to her boyfriend while trying to bail her out.

Her life with the inmates of the prison was filled with challenges that led to her personality change. The story deals with the day to day life of prisoners and the officials. These seven years of the sentence turns that naive girl into a strong survivor.

The Cast of Locked Up Season 6

The series had a big cast due to various characters in the plot like the prison inmates, prison officials, police, family members of inmates, police force and some guest stars.

The cast includes Maggie Cavantos as Macarena Ferriero, Najwa Nimri as Zulema Zahir, Berta Vazquez as Estafania Rizos Kabila, Roberto Enrique as Fabio Martinez, Ramiro Blass as Carlos Sandoval Castro, Cristina Plazas as Miranda Aguirre Senen, Carlos Hipoloto as Leopoldo Ferriero, Maria Salguerio as Encarna Monila, Daniel Ortiz as Roman Ferriero Molina, Huichi Chiu as Akame, Javier Lara as Alex Moncada, Georgia Amoros as Fatima Amin, Sonia Almarcha as Lidia Osborne and various other stars.

Release Date

Locked Up was dropped by Antena 3 after two seasons but Fox Spain announced to take over it and released the next two seasons. Due to this, there was a major cast change in season 3 of Locked Up. Anyways, the series was well appreciated by the viewers and got a positive response leading it to become a Netflix series.

But fans will be devastated about the news that the series did not get renewal for the next season. Locked Up came to an end with its fourth and final season. The stars from the cast of Locked Up moved to different projects after the news of the cancellation of the series. Most of the cast is now involved with another Netflix series known as Money Heist. There might be any further news on the series so stay tuned!

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