Is Teenage Bounty Hunters Getting a Second Season? Release Date, Cast, Plot and All Other Updates

Teenage Bounty Hunters Season 2 Updates: This first season this series end with a crazy climax as to where Sterling (Maddie Phillips) and Blair (Anjelica Bette Fellini) have turned up to be cousins, where previously they were known to be twins. This brought us to the conclusion that Debbie had been displaying false notions by concealing the truth and her crazy twin, Dana, is in fact Sterling’s birth mother.

The season ends with Bowser (Kadeem Hardison) tries to convince Dana for convincing the family and kidnaping  Sterling. This has left the viewers totally flabbergasted for a new season.

Teenage Bounty Hunters Season 2 The drama of the Family :

Even though the Browser does not want to break Sterling’s heart, he has no option as a  $90,000 bounty was kept on wait.  Season 2 will bring before us as to what his next step would be and whether he would continue being a fatherly figure, to sort guidance, for the girls. As for the fact, Debbie was pretty sure that the girls were with him for hunting skips.

Blair was just convinced wrongly into perceiving that she had a twin.  Debbie had been hiding her upbringing and Sterling’s father, and her parents as well as Dana’s, along with their death.  All the hidden tales will be brought to bright daylight now.

The return of Big John:

After being released from jail for thrashing a prostitute and missing bails in another state, John wants to know from his daughter as to where are they coming from and it seems strong that he is going to ruin the girls. John’s family is thrown under the bus by rich friends which makes him sort for revenge.

The Love Fest :

We come across a love triangle where April and Sterling were about to come out as a gay couple, but April withdrew himself after John was released. April now wants Luke, Sterling’s ex but Luke still loves Sterling.

Miles’s parents being white republicans won’t let Blair and Miles settle down together. There again it creates another tension between the couple.

Browser’s crazy life :

The browser tries to settle down in a new life after leaving his ex. Browser wants to go back to Florida but he can’t so he chooses to stay there and win Yolanda back.

Season 2 would be a very intriguing account, finding out how the Browser will be able to achieve his desires through different tact.  Let us stay tuned to know more.

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