Castlevania Season 4 Updates: James Callis as Alucard Tepes, Release Date, Cast and More!

Castlevania Season 4 Updates: Castlevania, a web television adult American series, is a Japanese video game series. The author of it is Konami. The first two seasons adapt the storyline of Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse. The second and third parts include the plot of Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. The debut season premiered on Netflix on July 7, 2020, and that of 2nd season on October 26, 2018. Later, Netflix released  ten-episodes consisting 3rd season and released on March 5, 2020. In March 2020, the producers announced that there would be a renewal of the 4th season of the show.

Release Date of Castlevania Season 4

The adult web television series with a greenlight of season 4 is almost ready to hit the play button. The producers and other media confirmed to have the 4th season of it probably running the screen in mid-2020. On March 7, 2020, they announced it. However, it’s miserable to inform the fans to wait a while for the trailer. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the globe hard. As a result, the production is paused for now. But, with great suspense of what Germein is going to do as the last episode ended with showing him time traveling. Season 4 will be worth waiting for.

The cast of Castlevania Season 4

A simple, common sense is enough to guess who will cast the 4th season as there are no such changes from 1st to 3rd seasons. As per the previous episodes of Castlevania, the following are apparently to hit the season 4th:

  • James Callis played Alucard Tepes
  • Sypha played by Alejandra Reynoso
  • Hector plyed by Theo James
  • Carmilla byJamie Murray
  • Dracula played by Graham McTavish
  • Lisa by Emily Shallow.

The Plot

The Castlevania show is very complicated. With the progression of the series, it’s becoming more chaotic and tedious following the death of Dracula in season 2. Season 3 has set itself by introducing us to threats and characters. It leads to a more significant conflict come in the 4th season. Saint Germain helps to close the portal into hell to prevent the resurrection of Dracula. But in this process, he is dragged into the future, let’s assume, 100 years ahead of where he can meet Dracula or an alternate world altogether would drag him. Also Jermain and magician Isaac battles- they have a resemblance, do they have any link? Alucard, being harassed by his followers Sumi and Taka, hangs them in front of the castle giving warning to future visitors. Will he also turn himself as that of Dracula? I hope it unboxes soon.


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The Storyline

The American web tv series revolves around a vampire hunter saving a besieged city from Dracula’s army. Trevor, the hunter makes a force against Dracula to combat his power. People burnt Dracula’s wife at the stack after falsely accused her of being witchcraft. So he promised his wife that the people would have to pay for it, starts to torture them. So, Trevor, along with Alucard, who is Dracula’s son and Sypha, make a plan. Trevor besieged the castle and his force defeat Dracula’s. Alucard kills Dracula. After that, Carmilla eyes to rule over entire Europe for which she hires Hector. Trevor’s advisor Saint Jermain becomes a protagonist in the show. He wishes to save his beloved one from the past by time traveling. However, he yet couldn’t make it. Alucard executes two of his followers after they betrayed him warning future visitors.

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