Punisher Season 3: Did Netflix call off the show?

The conspiracy thriller The Punisher by Marvel Studio has earned huge admiration from both the spectators and the critics. Till now, the makers of the series have released two amazing instalments of the show. Keeping in view the demand of the fans, Netflix had previously announced for its renewal. However, as per the rumours, a few days back, the streaming platform has called off the show. Now the common question that most of the fans are having in their mind: Is the show really cancelled? If yes what would be the reason? To quench all your queries, we are here today to discuss all the latest details about The Punisher Season 3.

Will “The Punisher Season 3” appear on Netflix?

Unfortunately, we are sorry to say that Netflix might not broadcast any more episode of “The Punisher Season 3”.  For now, the OTT platform chose to stay tight-lipped regarding its release date, If we get to know any further information on its renewal status, we will make you know.

Why would Netflix take such decision of cancelling the show?

As per the gossips, Netflix has called off the show for now due to the interrelationship with the Marvel Studio. Well, rumours indicate that the downfall of box-office collection of the series has made them decide to stop the show after dropping two instalments.

If Season 3 happens what could be in the plot?

If Netflix makes any change in its decision and opts for renewal it could start from the concluding part of the second season. Since the team has not even started working on the project, it is pretty hard to guess the plot of Punisher Season 3. The last streak ended presenting the underground scenario of Anderson, Russo, and Eliza. Meanwhile, the Castle as well as the grifter army determined to change their paths. To know what would be in the upcoming part, you might need to wait for a while.


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