Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny Released New Song UN PREVIEW.

One of the best ways to begin the week is with brand-new music, and Bad Bunny is doing just that. On September 25, Benito released his most recent song, “UN PREVIEW.” The outcome? It is a reggaeton song with a beautiful synth beat about his new cowgirl love.

Benito’s trademark sounds are still in the song’s production, but this new song is about a “vaquera” he’s into.

Even though he knows she is “un peligro,” he suggests he is not afraid to fall in love again. The original song video shows the Puerto Rican performer wearing pants and a white shirt.

In other videos, a woman is seen riding a horse, while in another, two people are seen uniquely doing errands while donning all-denim clothes and masks over their faces. The next frame features him astride a mechanical horse, continuing his Western cowboy theme.

The release of the new song isn’t entirely unexpected because, over the weekend, he posted on his WhatsApp chat that “This may be my final song of the year.” And it’s called “A PREVIEW” because it’s a little preview of what the upcoming year will bring.

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Here You Can Check Out Bad Bunny’s Latest Song UN PREVIEW.

Following Vanity Fair‘s announcement that a new Benito album would be released this autumn, a new song was released. The “WHERE SHE GOES” singer eventually criticized the publication, claiming that while he didn’t explicitly declare a new album during the interview, he didn’t completely rule it out either.

He may release more music this year, but we have this brand-new track and a collaboration with Drake set to drop on October 6. Benito released a brief 17-second taste of the brand-new song on Sunday (September 24).

His recognizable vocals sang: “Baby yo se que cuando te atrevas yo me voy an enamorar… ” as loud synths shifted from a minor to a major chord. [Baby, I know I’m going to fall in love when you dare.]”

He posted a hazy selfie of himself wearing a blue cap backward and silver jewelry along with the music.

“Un Preview” comes after Benito’s most recent song with a jersey club vibe, “WHERE SHE GOES.” Before that, he unexpectedly collaborated on “un x100to” with Grupo Frontera for a Norteo Cumbia song. Additionally, he contributed to Eladio Carrión’s most recent album, “Coco Chanel.”

In Cassandro, a biopic about lucha libre wrestler Sal Armendáriz, which debuted earlier this year, Bad Bunny played Felipe, a character assigned by a promoter to get close to Armendáriz.

The film stars Gael Garcia Bernal as the lead. The movie’s debut was at this year’s Sundance Film Festival under the direction of Roger Ross Williams.

Bad Bunny and The Weeknd collaborated on Travis Scott‘s single “K-POP” in July. The singer also worked with Grupo Frontera on their first collaboration, “Un x100to,” directed by hitmaker Édgar Barrera.

The producer has collaborated with Grupo Frontera on several songs, including “Bebe Dame” with Fuerza Regida, “Que Vuelvas” with Carin Leon, “Ya Superame,” and “Cada Quien” with Maluma.