Captain America: 3 things that Captain got wrong and 3 things which he got right!

Captain America Updates: In the MCU, among the six core members, Captain America was the first Avenger. The six members were introduced gradually to the Avengers team throughout the entire franchise.

Captain America seems to be the origin of the superhero assembled team. Being an MCU fan, I can guarantee you that this movie is definitely a superhero blockbuster.

The First Avenger is more fun but far from a perfect movie. The movie did a lot of things right but got a few things wrong too. Continue reading to know more.

Things that went right with Captain America

1. Casting Chris Evans as Steve Rogers aka Captain America

Casting the superheroes was the best creative decision ever taken by the MCU directors. Throughout his MCU journey for eight years straight, Chris Evans proved himself to be the most perfect and composed actor ever to portray Captain America aka Steve Rogers.

The terrific start in First Avenger, which hooked the audience was Steve jumping on a grenade and Captain getting preserved in the ice for 70 years.

2. Amazing and Fabulous Supporting Actors

In Captain America: The First Avenger, Chris Evan undoubtedly attracts the whole attention. But he is surrounded by amazing and show-stealing side actors like Tommy Lee Jones and Hayley Atwell giving their outstanding performances.

Additionally, Sebastian Stan’s outstanding performance as Bucky Barnes, who plays the role of Captain’s best friend. The movie ends with Bucky dying but eventually turns out to be a fake one.

3. Perfect Ending to the movie

The original plan for Captain America’s Marvel debut was to portray the life before World War II before switching for the second half of the movie to the present day. The Captain’s sacrifice made the perfect climax, emotional enough for all the audience to stay hook for the entire franchise.

The movie concludes with Nick Fury waking Captain from his frozen- comatose state after 70 long years, to which Captain replies that he had a date. Well isn’t is adorable, Cap remembering his date even after 70 years.

3 Things which went wrong with the movie

Captain America
Image Source: Screen Rant

1. Red Skull’s characterization

In Captain America: First America, one horrific villainous organization, Red Skull wants the Infinity Stone so that he can be an all-mighty who wants to win World War II for all the bad guys. And form the Hydra organization.

Well, Hydra organization or the Red Skull, both are unique, never seen before villain. In the MCU we have a few more unique villains in stock.  The Red Skull’s thin characterization is an early and ominous sign of the franchise’s villain problem.

Initially in Captain America: First Avenger, Steve Rogers is a super skinny short guy, who no one gives a care about. But he agrees for an experiment where he is injected with a super-soldier serum. After which he becomes the dashing and muscle-man, known as Captain America.

The journey of Steve Rogers to Captain America was quite a scene, but the CGI scene of the Captain’s body was quite hilarious.

The VFX company Lola did a commendable job where they made Chris van portraying him as a small, weak, and helpless guy. But, this effect looked quite unnatural and hilarious.

3. Captain’s existence to set up the Avenger’s initiative

The entry of Avengers was only to save the world from the impending doom by gathering all the superheroes throughout the globe and also getting help from the Asgardians. But, this Avenger’s initiative was pitched by Captain America.

So, this current movie served as a base for the Avenger’s initiative. So, it’s quite hard to get excited about such a movie. A couple of the Avengers such as Iron Man was also set by Captain, including Natasha Romanoff.


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