Expats Official Trailer Is Released Now! Check Out!

Prime has released the trailer for their highly anticipated series Expats, based on Janice Y.K. Lee’s best-selling novel The Expatriates. The vibrant and chaotic drama, directed by Lulu Wang, will consist of six episodes.

Expats chronicles the story of the three women, Margaret, Hilary, & Mercy, and how their lives connect after Margaret experiences an unexpected family tragedy. It is set against the cultural and temporal tapestry of 2014 Hong Kong.

Expats | Official Trailer

Expats’ trailer features an ethereal Nicole Kidman as Margaret, who lives an idyllic life and is friendly to her local household workers and a blissful family.

Sometimes, she wants to be alone, free of any imposed identity. As an expatriate trophy wife with only one expatriate friend going through a divorce, the story unfolds when she meets a new friend with a young Mercy, who wants to start again at 24.

However, the result is a taut drama involving a lost child, sorrowful parents, a forever-guilty caretaker who was present with the child till his absence, and a woman who has no idea why she is living and breathing in a country that was never hers, but her distant husband’s.

Expats’ gloomy trailer establishes the story’s tone, and you can sense the consequences of the tragedy in every scene. This is set against the background of an ever-vibrant Hong Kong, which creates a strong contrast between what the women are feeling on the inside and what is going on outside their lives.

The opening narration of Kidman’s character Margaret also represents the difficulties of a post-traged life and the kinds of relationships we set up with people from all countries and backgrounds throughout our lives.

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The Cast and Crew of Expats.


The three main characters in the female-led plot are played by actresses Nicole Kidman, Sarayu Blue, & Ji-young Yoo. Kidman portrays Margaret, a wife and mother of three children who moved to Hong Kong with her entire family.

Sarayu Blue portrays Hilary, a career-driven wife who is close to Margaret and is dealing with infertility issues.

Mercy, played by Ji-young Yoo, is a young woman who has recently graduated from college and aspires to begin a new chapter in her life.

Supporting roles for Jack Huston and Brian Tee round out the group, joining the leading trio. Huston is Hilary’s husband, David, who has always lived in the shadows of his wife’s success.

Tee is Margaret’s spouse, Clarke, and their children’s dad. Tiana Gowen, Bodhi del Rosario, & Connor James Gillman play Margaret and Clarke’s children.

The six-episode limited series will air on Prime Video on January 26, 2024.