House Of The Dragons Episode 9: The Green Council

House Of The Dragons Episode 9 is all set to release on HBO Max on Sunday 16th October 2022. Despite Viserys’ heartfelt plea for togetherness in episode eight, the royal family is more divided than ever. The significant, tense Targaryen dinner scene revealed the many cracks weakening the House of the Dragon’s foundations – one earthquake and everything might come crumbling down. One tremor, for example, is Queen Alicent misinterpreting King Viserys’ final remarks about the Iron Throne succession.

Alicent felt the King had chosen his son Aegon in his last breath. Still, Viserys not only desired Rhaenyra to inherit the Iron Throne but also believed Aegon the Conqueror had predicted that his daughter would unite the Seven Kingdoms against the approaching darkness.

It was directed by Clare Kilner (who also directed episodes four and five, ‘Of King of the Narrow Sea’) and written by executive producer Sara Hess (who also penned episode six, ‘The Princess and the Queen’).

What can we expect in House Of The Dragons Episode 9?

A Vacated Throne

House Of The Dragons Episode 9
Winter Is Coming

In episode eight, we witness the empty Iron Throne after King Viserys I’s death. It’s a sad sight, for nothing is more dangerous in Game of Thrones than a power vacuum due to those who wish to fill it…

The Green Council

House Of The Dragons Episode 9
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Ser Otto Hightower, Queen Alicent, and Ser Criston Cole start the Small Council session known as “The Green Council ” (House Hightower’s colors, as opposed to Targaryen black) in Westeros history books.

“The King is dead,” Otto exclaims while (what appears to be) Ser Criston cleans the blade of his sword. A distraught Alicent tells the council, “He told me he wished for Aegon to be king.”

At the same time, later in the trailer, Otto orders that the door remains closed until their business is completed, their business being the fulfillment of Otto’s decades-long wish that his grandson Aegon inherit the Iron Throne.

The Peasants are in an Uproar

House Of The Dragons Episode 9

The gold cloaks (knights of the City Watch) drive back a mob of smallfolk racing through the streets, causing a public disturbance in King’s Landing. By the end of the teaser, we see a mob gathered outside the majestic Sept of Baelor – the cathedral that Cersei Lannister will destroy two centuries later.

The Lords Kneel

House Of The Dragons Episode 9

The first episode of House of the Dragon ended with the Lords of Westeros swearing allegiance to Viserys’ chosen heir Rhaenyra.

However, it appears like a group of them (is that Lord Boremund Baratheon, who first backed Princess Rhaenys’ claim to the Iron Throne over her cousin Viserys?) are bowing before Ser Otto Hightower, the King’s Hand.

Otto’s Informant

House Of The Dragons Episode 9
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This appears to be Otto’s episode, as he instructs a mysterious long-haired knight on a hidden quest. We then see that same knight (who appears to have an identical twin at 0:44) pursuing Prince Aegon and maybe sword battling with Prince Aemond ‘One Eye,’ but that latter one could be editing trickery.

The Dungeons await!

House Of The Dragons Episode 9

Not only is Princess Rhaenyra imprisoned, but a slew of Red Keep employees are carried down to the dungeons, including royal family servant Talya (Alexis Raben), who was last seen spying for Lady Mysaria or ‘The White Worm.’ Has her double loyalty been exposed?

Protest of Lord Beesbury

House Of The Dragons

According to Lord Beesbury’s objection, the Green Council is not a peaceful organization (Bill Paterson). “Seize her; it is treason at the very least!” yells the Master of the Coin, and we later see Queen Alicent’s sworn guardian Ser Criston Cole draw his blade on what seems to be Ser Harrold Westerling (Graham McTavish), the Commander of the City Watch.

Viserys’ crown is set on a green (the color is essential) velvet cushion as a woman’s voice says, “Have you never envisioned yourself on the Iron Throne?” Soldiers wearing the Targaryen symbol ride out as herald trumpets blast and a crowd gathered outside the Sept of Baelor. The dragon dance begins.