Space Force Season 2 Must Watch Series If You Like Season 2

Space Force Season 2 has gained a foothold on Netflix, with a second season that is addicting and leaves fans wanting more. The themes and humor of the first season were hit-or-miss, as it ridiculed conservative ideals and battled to stay politically relevant.

Despite the cast of The Office Greg Daniels and Steve Carell, the first several episodes of the series felt flat and lacked a consistent tone. The subplots shifted their attention away from the individuals and onto the antics at bay, a difficult move given the public’s lack of knowledge of the Space Force branch of the military. By the halfway mark, though, viewers had been sucked in and were eager to learn more about the characters’ lives.

Space Force Season 2 starts off from where the debut season left off, answering the major mysteries. Is Maggie Kudrow (Lisa Kudrow) still in prison? Would Captain Naird (Steve Carell) face repercussions for defying his superiors’ juvenile orders? The season’s first episode, a humorous interrogation episode, wraps up some loose ends from the prior season before rapidly moving on to new territory.

As Naird battles budget cuts and loses control over the Space Force branch, Angela continues to struggle with turmoil continuing to follow her trip to the moon, Tony and Chan nourish into their flourishing bromance, and Erin lands an internship at her dad’s workplace, Season 2 sees the crew building interpersonal relationships.

We’ve Put Together a List of Shows that you Must Watch After

Space Force Season 2:


Entertainment Weekly

This is a show that none of the Space Force aficionados should miss. The show’s satire, comedy, dark humor, politics, and colorful cast of characters all contribute to it being a classic, and we think you’ll love watching it!

Selina Meyer, a former senator in the U.S.A, is given the opportunity to become the country’s vice president in Veep. Throughout the performance, she juggles her formal and informal personalities while attempting to avoid turmoil.

The Comeback


The Comeback, starring Lisa Kudrow, who also happens to feature in Space Force, was a popular sitcom in the mid-2000s. Kudrow was able to repeat his achievement with The Comeback after the success of Friends.

This program has it all: the actors, the narrative, and, most importantly, the comedy. It’s a comic look at the entertainment world. It’s difficult to think of a reason not to watch it.

There are rumors of a third season, but until that information is verified or rejected, there was no good opportunity than now to rediscover this almost two-decade-old blockbuster.



Friends‘ placement here is a no-brainer, as it is perhaps the most iconic comedy of the 1990s and early 2000s. It depicts a group of six friends negotiating everyday life and the challenges that come with it in an amusing manner, and it had a significant effect on ’90s society in general.

It became famous because of the characters’ attire, which became “fashion” at the time. Friends’ general atmosphere and ideas are still relevant today, despite some of its humor not aging well. The show’s greatest influence, though, was how it transformed everyone in the primary cast, particularly Jennifer Aniston, into Hollywood’s biggest stars.

The Orville

The Teal Mango

The Orville is a 2017 film that tells the narrative of a spaceship crew that goes on a 400-year voyage into the future and encounters a slew of perilous events.

The program has already aired two seasons and is set to return for a third, which is fantastic news for the show’s devoted fans! So, if you liked Space Force and are searching for a great blend, check out The Orville, which will keep you occupied!

Avenue 5

Rolling Stone

In 2020, Ryan Clark, the controlled and likable captain of a space cruise ship, tried his hardest to get along with others when the ship veers off course, changing a voyage that was intended to last about a few weeks into one that may linger for years, stars in the sci-fi comedy series Avenue 5.

The Office

Den of Geek

The Office, a satirical comedy series set in an office environment, would be missing from our list without the iconic Steve Carell. This sitcom, which also starred Jon Krasinski as Jim Halpert, offered some of the most memorable lines in modern-day humor.

This series is a must-see for any Space Force fans since it popularised the classic joke line “That’s what she said,” among other things. Not to mention the fact that they were both created by Greg Daniels itself.

Silicon Valley


A sitcom set in Silicon Valley that follows the story of Richard, a developer who creates the app Pied Piper, and five other programmers striving to remain afloat in the extremely competitive climate of Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley, another HBO show on our list, takes very real personalities and events and turns them into a fictitious comedy that is humorous and exposes the real-life situations that individuals have during exaggerated ways, similar to Space Force.

The program focuses more on the science fiction parts, but it’s still a lot of fun, and the protagonist is probably just as compelling as Mark Naird from Space Force. It’s obviously enjoyable, and following Space Force, it’ll be a lovely, smooth, easy watch, so we believe it’s worth a go!

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