Space Force Season 2 Must Watch Series Before Season 2

A recent addition to the list of workplace comedy is Netflix’s ‘Space Force’. Created by Greg Daniels and ‘The Office’ famed Steve Carell, the show focuses on a group of people whose task is to establish the United States Space Force, the sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces where General Mark Naird has to give special effort to execute the president’s order to get “boots on the moon” within 2024.

The series star creator Steve Carell as General Naird with other cast members such as John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Diana Silvers, Tawny Newsome, Jimmy O. Yang, etc.

It was originally released on May 29, 2020, with the second season ready to premiere on February 18, 2022. The show has been acclaimed a lot for its fantastic humor and buffoonery.

Workplace comedy is not new in the comedy genre of TV Series. Starting from ‘The Office’ of the early 2000s and ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ which recently ended, the list goes on. If your nostalgia for workplace comedy has again floated to the surface through ‘Space Force’, we are here to suggest you some more similar TV Series to watch.

Must Watch Series Like ‘Space Force’:

The Office-

Number of Seasons: 9

This iconic sitcom is mocumentary in type. It features the everyday work lives of employees in the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company’s Pennsylvania branch. ‘The Office‘ is originally based on the BBC series of 2001-2003 of the same name by Ricky Gervais and Stephan Merchant. Writer of ‘The Simpsons’ Greg Daniels later adapted it into an American TV Series.

‘The Office’ has an ensemble cast with Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, B.J.Novak, Melora Hardin, etc. It ran from March 24, 2005, to May 16, 2013. This sitcom has become the favorite to many for it does not use a laughing track.

The series was immensely applauded and received several awards including a Golden Globe Award for Steve Carell’s performance, four Primetime Emmy Awards one of which is for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2006.

The Orville-

Number of Seasons: 2

The Orville‘ naturally comes in the list of must-watch series after ‘Space Force’ for its space-centric plot. This American sci-fi comedy-drama is set on USS Orville (ECV- 197), the titular spacecraft which is a mid-level exploratory vessel in Planetary Union. The crew of the spacecraft encounter known or unknown planets and various parts of the galaxy.

‘The Orville’ premiered on September 10, 2017, with the third season set to release on June 2, 2022. Since 2015 it is Fox’s “most-viewed debut drama”. The cast includes Seth MacFarlane, Adrianne Palicki, Penny Johnson Jerald, Scott Grimes, etc.

Avenue 5-

Rolling Stone

Number of Seasons: 1

This sci-fi comedy is again set in space, but this time in the future. Avenue 5, an interplanetary cruise ship goes a few degrees off course following a momentary loss of artificial gravity and the death of the ship’s chief engineer. The ship will take eight weeks now to travel back to Earth and the crew has to struggle for survival where only a limited resource is there inside the ship.

Hugh Laurie, Josh Gad, Zach Woods, Rebecca Front are some of the cast members of ‘Avenue 5’ which premiered on January 19, 2020, on HBO in the US and on Sky One in the UK.

Brooklyn 99-


Number of Seasons: 8

This popular police procedural comedy is also a workplace TV Series set in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the 99th Precinct of the New York City Police Department of Brooklyn. Assigned as the new commanding officer Captain Raymond Holt leads a team of detectives which is presented to us in a sometimes serious and sometimes humorous manner. Among all these the love story of Jake and Amy is a real treat to devour.

Andre Braugher, Andy Samberg, and Melissa Fumero act as Raymond Holt, Jake, and Amy respectively. The show ran from September 17, 2013, to September 16, 2021. The series won a number of awards including Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice and received nominations for four Primetime Emmy Awards.

Parks And Recreation-

Entertainment Weekly

Number of Seasons: 7

Inspired from ‘The Office’, the sitcom follows the series of incidents that happen after local nurse Ann Perkins’ boyfriend breaks both legs falling into the construction pit beside her house and Ann demands the pit be filled.

Leslie Knope, deputy director of the fictional Parks and Recreation Department promises to turn the construction pit into a park. But she is resisted by the parks director Ron Swanson. Leslie’s love interest Mark Brendanawicz, the city planner also gets involved in this.

The cast of ‘Parks And Recreations include Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Paul Schneider, Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman, etc. The series aired on NBC from April 9, 2009, to February 24, 2015, with a special episode on April 30, 2020.

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