The Orville Season 3: Must Watch Series Before Season 3

The Orville is one of the most anticipated upcoming missions that has been pushed out even further, with the Season 3 release date being pushed back from March 10 to June 2, 2022. The latest season of Seth MacFarlane’s science-fiction comedy has been delayed, reportedly due to the program’s new network Disney-owned Hulu, as opposed to Disney-owned FOX preferring to release it later, rather than any difficulty putting the final touches on the show.

On Twitter, MacFarlane announced the news, along with a link to the opening four minutes of the new season.

The Orville has gotten a lot of acclaim for being a well-executed mix of science fiction and comedy, with an earnest space opera style and a consistent application of a classic sitcom tone. Unless you know where to search, it appears that there aren’t enough TV series available that can achieve such a balancing act.

As you wait for the third season to return we’ve made a list of Must Watch Series Before season three of ‘The Orville’:


Phillip J. Fry (Billy West), the hero of Futurama, gradually adapts to the year 3000 after joining an eclectic group of space travelers as an employee of Planet Express, a futuristic delivery service.

Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, adds his unique brand of pop-culture riffing to this renowned animated series, which debuted on Fox for four seasons before being picked up by Comedy Central for three more seasons after a seven-year break.

Red Dwarf


This British cult hit, which possibly pioneered the path for the science-fiction sitcom, owes a lot to The Orville. Despite several cancellations, Red Dwarf has been a fan favorite for more than 30 years.

This roommate sitcom disguised as a hilariously cheap B-movie follows David Lister (Craig Charles), the only human being alive, imprisoned in the wide reaches of deep space aboard the eponymous mining ship with a gang of weird animals he considers pals, three million years in the future.

3rd Rock From The Sun

Extraterrestrials have long been thought to be cognitively superior to humans. This Emmy-winning, six-season series delightfully indicates the opposite. A group of aliens, including John Lithgow, Kristen Johnson, French Stewart, and a teenage Joseph Gordon-Levitt, disguise themselves as a family as part of a mission to study life on Earth, which turns out to be considerably more difficult to comprehend than they had thought.

Both Lithgow and Kristen Johnson won Emmys for their delightfully over-the-top performances in 3rd Rock from the Sun, a series that more weirdly humanizes extraterrestrial animals than any comedy before it.


When Jack Carter (Craig Ferguson), a US Marshall, is restored as the sheriff of Eureka, a rural town filled with the world’s most brilliant minds, whose ground-breaking ideas and inventions frequently lead to turmoil, he finds himself outnumbered.

Eureka’s lighter comic elements, great ensemble cast, and character-driven, overarching storylines will keep you hooked in this program that makes you wish you paid more attention in science class, even when the disaster-of-the-week narrative aspect gets a bit goofy at times.

Future Man


Teenage janitor Josh Futterman (Josh Hutcherson) is recruited by time travelers to save mankind, and the strange sci-fi/comedy hybrid has no qualms about acknowledging its similarities to films like Back to the Future. Season 2’s idea bears a lot of homage to Back to the Future Part II, but with a Mad Max look.

Future Man creates an innovative mockery of the future, bringing grim premonitions that redefine cringe-worthy humor when it isn’t poking fun at modern culture.

Mystery Science Theatre 3000

This cult classic sitcom about an ordinary man and his silly robot buddies being kept captive by a space opera parody of the Orville style about an insane scientist on an alien spaceship might not be too complicated. That’s just a framing technique, a beautifully designed pretext to spout nonsense about some of the worst films ever created.

Each episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 has its main characters taking amusing potshots at the aggressively terrible B-movie of the week that they are forced to watch.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Andy Samberg stars as Jake Peralta, a childish detective who butts heads with the uptight Capt. Ray Holt in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a workplace comedy disguised as a crime procedural starring Golden Globe-winning Saturday Night Live vet Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta.

Critics and fans alike have praised this long-running sitcom for its entertaining ensemble cast and delightfully comical send-ups of crime show conventions.

Ash v/s Evil Dead


Now in his 50s, Bruce Campbell reprises his role as the humorous,  man-child Ash, he joins forces with his younger smart coworkers Pablo and Kelly to put a stop to the forces of evil that are pursuing him with a vengeance this time.

After Ash versus Evil Dead was discontinued in 2018, Campbell announced his departure from the role, but at least he went out on a high note with this cartoonishly gruesome, endlessly enjoyable, and totally funny series that no horror lover will be able to resist.

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