Tristan Thompson About to Pay $40k to $34k Per Month For Child Support To Maralee!

Tristan Thompson will be paying $40k per month for child support. If one wants to support their kids or kid after their divorce or their separation then they have to manage something related to their co-parenting settlement.

From emotional attachment to a financial one, they have to come to a point where they balance according to their kids. If we talk about these things then we know that how Tristan Thompson has recently been involved in these things.

Tristan has recently accepted the reality which he was ignoring for a great time, that is, accepting his parenting for the kid of Maralee Nichols. Tristan has confirmed by himself that the parenthood test came in positive and Tristan uploaded a story related to him.

It was on 3rd January that he apologized as well as accepted that he is the parent of the son who was born on 2 December 2021. Maralee has always said that it was his child but Tristan denied it. Now the things are clear as crystal, so they are now going to set it financially.

The baby was born on 2 December 2021 at one of the hospitals in California. Tristan’s statement has created a lot of controversies. They are right now bust with court procedure and they are now ready to settle with some amount monthly.

What Tristan Thompson Shared?

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It was said that they are going to fix it with $40 thousand per month. They may come mutually with $34 thousand. In California, child support lasts till the age of 18 or a maximum of 19, so the pay will last long till 18 years or 19.

It will depend upon how much parents are earning and how close the child is towards their mother or father. The co-parenting decided a long time ago and now they decided to take this responsibility as well. Tristan earns around $10 million and that is the reason why he is going to settle with a huge sum of $40 thousand per month.

Other factors would also come in the way and would be considered as main. Since we know that Tristan is already paying some sum for his other kid too so that may become a favorite for him. He is also supporting True Thompson financially and he wants to become a great dad for her. He has also accepted the responsibility of newborn babies.

We know how things went badly between them and that is the reason why Khloe took her hands off in these matters. Khloe is now not caring about these matters, what she cares about is True.

On the other hand, Tristan wants Khloe back but he is not in a position where he can gain her again. The same case is with Maralee Nichols. She is not ready to go soft with him in these matters, especially her baby.

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