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Actor Johnny Depp Legally Wins Against Ex-Wife Amber Heard

Actor Johnny Depp Legally Wins Against Ex-Wife Amber Heard

The fight in court between entertainers Johnny Depp and Amber Heard proceeds, and Depp’s group as of late scored a triumph in the continuous case. The Independent reports that Depp’s legitimate group has been conceded consent to get to Heard’s telephone records trying to observe confirmation that Depp’s ex “faked” the photographs of her wounds after the supposed actual maltreatment in 2015.

As indicated by the power source, “Ms. Heard’s direction has over and over-utilized these fake photos at testimony,” Depp’s lawyer Benjamin Chew said in the court documenting.

Actor Johnny Depp Legally Wins Against Ex-Wife

Page Six obtained additional data from the recording, and Chew guaranteed that when the Los Angeles Police Department reacted to the 2015 occurrence among Depp and Heard, “they tracked down no injury upon Ms. Heard and no disturbance to the penthouses.”

Actor Johnny Depp Legally Wins Against Ex-Wife Amber Heard

“Ms. Heard and her companions then, at that point, manufactured photographs that she used to get an ex parte TRO [temporary limiting order] and a $7 million separation settlement,” Chew affirmed. Heard’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft let Page Six know that the Aquaman entertainer “invites the chance to introduce her proof in a preliminary by jury, in a courtroom” in 2022.

Heard expounded on the supposed maltreatment in a Washington Post commentary in 2018, in spite of the fact that she never referenced Depp by name. Depp is thusly suing Heard for $50 million for criticism in the territory of Virginia. Heard has affirmed in different circumstances that she experienced two bruised eyes, a wrecked nose, and a split lip after the 2015 assault.

“Ms. Heard and her companions then, at that point, created photographs that she used to get an ex parte TRO [temporary controlling order] and a $7 million separation settlement which Ms. Heard erroneously affirmed in London she provided for the ACLU and, all the more outrageously, to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles; wiped out youngsters with the disease,” Chew claimed in the documenting, adding that the LAPD “denied the photos” and, “said they didn’t portray what they saw.”

Heard and her legitimate group mentioned a summon against the LAPD in September, mentioning more accessible Information about the division and a group of four officials engaged with the 2016 homegrown unsettling influence episode among Heard and Depp. Heard recently recorded a summon mentioning the bodycam film from two officials, Melissa Saenz and Tyler Hadden, who was called to the location of the aggravation that evening.

The new summons is for extra data, including “the books, archives, records, electronically put away data and unmistakable things assigned and portrayed underneath.” Heard is plainly attempting to explain and unveil what happened that evening and who really manhandled who. The several has been secured an awful fight in court since the time their split, and it has turned into a ruthless instance of he said/she said.

Depp followed Heard with the monstrous criticism suit in 2019, and Heard’s $100 million countersuits were at last booked for the following year after pandemic deferrals.

Heard’s legitimate group is unmistakably preparing for the forthcoming countersuit, like the summon demands “all reports and interchanges of any nature regarding any examination concerning whether Officers Saenz and Hadden followed LAPD strategy, methods as well as conventions in reacting to the call at Eastern Columbia Building on May 21, 2016, regarding Ms. Heard.”