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Suicide Squad 2: King Shark was Harder to Create said by James Gunn

Suicide Squad 2 King Shark

Suicide Squad 2 Updates: The director Gems Gunn disclosed that the formation of King Shark from The Suicide Squad 2 was harder even from making Groot or Rocket.

In the Marvel franchise Guardians of Galaxy, the great director James Gunn created two super-smart yet heart-touching animated characters. Marvel fans fell in love with these two characters which include a sweet-talking tree with limited vocabulary such as “I’m Groot”, the most iconic dialogue from the movie and another one is the Rocket, a smart anthropomorphic raccoon with a habit of stealing people’s prosthetic body parts. Since these two walking-talking animal characters stole the hearts of billions of people, the DC comics is about to introduce something like that in the upcoming franchise of DC Universe The Suicide Squad 2.

James Gunn on Suicide Squad 2: King Shark was Harder to Create

The director James Gunn revealed information about making such a character like an animated shark was even harder from the Marvel’s Groot and Rocket. The shark of The Suicide Squad 2, named King Shark is a big, dumb, flesh-hungry, and bipedal shark, and the voice actor of King Shark is famous Sylvester Stallone. But creating the brand new member of Task Force X for the giant screen was much more challenging for the director.

Suicide Squad 2 James Gunn on King Shark

From the bag of all-new details of this new franchise, the director James Gunn has expressed his point of view regarding this shark and he explained why it was so hard to create even if he had created a walking-talking animated character Rocket previously for the Marvel universe. So, he explained that Rocket was an animal, turning into the shape of a human and though the animal walks with its four legs, sometimes it can stand with two legs.

So it wasn’t that difficult for the fan to accept the and that a raccoon can stand like a human. But the new King Shark is completely out the league creation and from the character standpoint, the shark is completely different. He is a character of confusion and contradiction. Like he eats human beings and he wants to be a part of them, he wants to show them his smartness where he is dumb.

So, it’s crystal clear that the new shark is obviously dumb and he is different from every angle from Groot and Rocket. The new creation of Gunn will also allow people to see his other side. The Suicide Squad 2 is going to release in theaters and on HBO Max on 6th  August 2021.