Black Clover Chapter 289 Reveals Devils Can Form Unions… With OTHER Devils?

Black Clover Chapter 289

Black Clover Chapter 289 Updates: The high-ranking demons of Black Clover, chapter 289, unleash their true ability: to form an association with one another to possibly cheat death.

The devil’s infiltration into the human world created a new threat in Chapter 289 of Black Clover, “Freezing Sun”. Asta’s new devil union with love is proving effective against the devil’s problem, but high-ranking demons Lilith and Naamah have just thrown a curveball in Asta‘s path.

Asta can defeat one of the demons, but just before the body disappears, its twin counterpart merges with the deceased to form an entirely new unit.

This union between demons is not only disturbing but could also indicate immortality. He’s also racing against the clock, and if demons can merge after his death, the Dark Triad could pose an even greater threat than originally thought. Based on the details in Chapter 289, let us discuss how demons can win the battle against humanity.

Black Clover Chapter 289 Other Information:

Black Clover Chapter 289
Asap Land

Lilith and Naamah are high-ranking demons, but after Naamah’s death, Lilith unlocked her true power with a new association of demons. It’s still unclear if only high-level demons can bond with one another, but that detail alone is problematic enough for Magic Knights.

Nacht claims that the new form of the two fused demons possesses more magic than just adding the two hosts, meaning that their unit has created an entirely new animal. I don’t feel any negative magic coming from the new devil.

Since Naamah was killed, the devil’s magic should have been exterminated, but Lilith sealed it in time and used it to bind. Demons work differently from humans, so their prolonged existence after death can become a type of magic that can be used.

Inherently, this could bestow an aforementioned form of immortality on demons. Most likely, only high-ranking demons can use this ability, otherwise, there would have been cases where lower-ranking demons wielded the same unions to dominate higher-ranking demons. -ups in the underworld.

Achieving immortality this way could be the ace the Dark Triad is waiting for. If some demons can bond with one another, the three who corrupt the Dark Triad will likely be more educated at some point in this battle.

This means that once the human host is no longer able to serve a purpose, Lucifer and his minions could somehow create their union to extend their lives. The Dark Triad is being manipulated by demons, and as soon as their fellow demons can. It would not be surprising if Zogratis fell out of his hands.

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