One Piece Reveals a Hidden Secret to Kaido’s Strength

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One Piece Updates: With the latest chapter of the series, One Piece uncovered a dark key to Kaido’s tremendous power.  Kaido was already portrayed as an immortal when he was first revealed to Eiichiro Oda’s original manga series, regardless of how much harm he attempted to impose on himself.

When we got to know him better, we noticed that he had super-rugged skin on his whole body. Although this appeared to be the product of his Devil-Fruit abilities at first, the series’ latest chapter exposes a specific type key to his ability.

Luffy was already practicing in the Wano Country arc to best infiltrate Kaido’s hard skin with his strength, and although it appeared that he had discovered a way to harm him by Ryou, was not until the show’s most recent chapter that Luffy fully understood how Kaido battles.

Luffy discovers Kaido’s key is the Supreme King Haki infused in all of his attacks after seeing Zoro utilizing the Color of the Supreme King Haki and successfully injure Kaido as a consequence.

One Piece The Secret To Victory

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Zoro effectively channels the Supreme King Haki into his sword in Chapter 1010 of the series, and along with it, effectively hurts Kaido for the very first moment after they began battling on the top of Onigashima’s Skull Dome.

With the information he learned about Ryou throughout his Sumo Inferno learning with Hyogoro, Luffy deduces that Kaido is using his Haki in the same manner as Ryou.

Luffy questions Kaido if he’s combining his strikes with this Supreme King Haki after receiving a blow from his club. Kaido smiles and shares this, and Luffy then catches him off guard by performing the above.

When the two Hakis collide, it’s discovered that they’re attacking one another despite ever hitting, similar to the Ryou tactic Luffy has previously tried.

Kaido used to be a formidable opponent, but now that Luffy has figured out his trick, Kaido is a little more vulnerable to defeat than he was previously.  It isn’t necessarily what will win the battle for Luffy at the close of each day, but if Luffy can hold it up, it’ll be a significant move toward finally defeating Kaido.