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Star Wars: A Jedi Training Technique is More Powerful Than Fans Think

Star Wars
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Star Wars Updates: Star Wars Jedi training is stronger than fans thought. Star Wars: Republic Era – Obi-Wan Kenobi #1 demonstrates Anakin preparation by a specific technique which is very useful at the end of the problem – the use of Force to levitate rocks. It is also one that followers – original and current – will remember.

While there are nine films in the Skywalker saga, there is largely no instruction by Anakin. In their respective trilogies, Luke and Rey’s preparation are all the focal points, but the Padawan’s training in the period of the Republic when it comes to films is little understood.

When fans see Anakin, he is still a training kid, a teenager who is about to become a Jedi master or a new Jedi master who is changing to the dark side. He’s never seen a typical workout complete. This is where comics from Star Wars come to cover any holes.

Star Wars: Jedi’s Powerful Technique

Anakin is lifting coruscant rocks by the force at the Jedi Temple in the Star Wars: Age of Republic – Obi-Wan Kenobi #1 of 2019. This problem, written by Jody Houser and composed by Cory Smith and Wilton Santos, shows Anakin organizing the rocks until they are disturbed.

Star Wars
Screen Rant

It is apparent later that this practice should be used not just to understand how Objects with the Force can be manipulated. Anakin is restricted by pirates on the planet Dallenor during a quest with Obi-Wan, as he collects a Jedi Holocron. By raising nearby rocks and hitting his captain behind his head, he gets out of this case.

What is this about the bigger Star Wars world? Initially, it reveals that basic exercise like rock lifting will help a Jedi trainee get out of a hard bond.

Even without the sword, Jedi are not defenseless until it is possible, regardless of age and experience, to find tools close to it and merge them with their natural abilities. While some modes of preparation in practice seem futile, they may be used in unpredictable ways.

It also indicates that this may be one of the most traditional, useful, and easy to recreate in anywhere of all Jedi techniques. Anakin is not the only Jedi to practice while focusing, by moving rocks or lifting items.

Luke lifts artifacts around him after his training with Yoda in Empire Strikes Back. Also, in The Last Jedi, Rey can see the resistance lifting rocks free after he had rocks around it lifted during Ahch-To with Luke meditation. In Skywalker’s The Rise, during meditation, rocks revolve around Rey.

Objectives are clearly an integral aspect of learning to successfully manipulate the Force. Force-sensitive does nothing if the operator does not know how to use it or if it does not understand. This also means that even the shortest solutions will be the easiest and longest.

This preparation technique may seem like a little detail, but in the Star Wars Saga, it links every generation of Jedi.


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