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Stranger Things Season 4: Who Was Eleven’s Dad? How The Mystery Will Be Solved?

Stranger Things Season 4
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Stranger Things Season 4 Updates: The long-standing mystery of Eleven’s birth father, the Stranger Things season 4, might be solved soon. Eleven never lived in a typical childhood, born and raised in the Hawkins Laboratory.

When she fled from the Netflix film, her own roots and prospects for her own unique qualifications were explored. During this process, she became Chief Jim Hopper‘s adopted daughter. Now that the two are currently apart, mysterious stuff will eventually shed light on Eleven’s real parent.

Stranger Things also revealed Terry Ives as the maternal mother of Eleven during previous seasons. During college time, Terry volunteered for the MKUltra Initiative, a series of experiments under Dr. Martin Brenner’s supervision at Hawkins Lab.

When she was subject to drugs she became pregnant, and Brenner was born “Jane Ives,” and the baby was abducted. Terry was compelled to get electroshock therapies as she tried to rescue her daughter, which left her in a catatonic condition.

Jane, renamed “Eleven” or “11,” was brought up in the laboratory because of its telekinetic capacities as a test subject. When she was in the lab, she called Dr. Brenner “Papa” as a father- figure until she ran away. 

Stranger Things Season 4: Eleven’s Dad?

Stranger Things Season 4
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Hopper became the sole protector of this young figure, while Terry was unable to take control of Eleven due to his catatonic condition.

When Eleven reached her adolescence more deeply during season 3 of Stranger Things, she had a difficult yet caring bond with her adoptive father.

Although the show never attempted to respond when it came to the identity of her biological parent, with Hopper’s involvement it was not necessarily important. With Hopper allegedly dead in Eleven, the young woman will take her quest to explore her heritage because of the events of the battle of Starcourt.

Interestingly, Eleven’s biological dad introduced a new Stranger Things 2019 book named Suspicious Minds. She dated a young man named Andrew Rich until Terry participated in Project MKUltra.

Terry was apparently pregnant with Andrew’s child at some time. Andrew was enlisted to fight in the Vietnam War, perhaps arranged by Dr. Brenner, before he could meet his childhood daughter. He was killed when he was serving, which means his child was never met, and he did not know the facts about Terry’s experiments.

Since there is a wide world with ties, it is not clear if Suspicious Minds are considered canon based on plot holes provided by the novel. The mystery that surrounds the dad of Eleven is alive and in good condition in the TV series for the time being.

Maybe in season 4, Dr. Brenner is back to have more answers. There are also opportunities to add Andrew to the prequel tie-in novel by means of a range of flashbacks. It’s just time that Netflix introduces the next chapter in the famous science fiction story.