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Genshin Impact Characters Digitally Aged By Artist Are Spot-On

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Updates: A fan of the Genshin Effect wanted to have some fun with the designs of some of the player characters in the game and aged them digitally to demonstrate as if they were several years older they could look.

And many of the characters of Genshin Effect are very young age, such as Klee and her fellow fire warden Xiangling, and everyone’s favorite bomb was tossing the Pyro user, but some of them only look young, including the controversial Zhongli, who is actually over 6000 years old.

After the game’s global release was at last September 2020, and the cast of the playable characters available in Genshin Effect has been slowly increasing, with creator MiHoYo constantly introducing new characters for players to try and unlock via the Wishes game.

Most recently, the studio released Update 1.2, the largest update to date for the game as it not only added two new characters, namely Albedo and Ganyu, but also a brand-new area in the game named Dragonspine, a snowy mountain that, after losing its battle with Dvalin, is said to contain the remains of the venomous dragon.

Genshin Impact: Reddit shared his impressive work:

Genshin Impact

The Reddit was user Radennorfiqri posted his amazing work on the subreddit of Genshin Effect and features two collections of digitally aged characters.

Notably, some of these characters, such as Ganyu, who, like the aforementioned Zhongli and Keqing, is a few thousand years old, who is said to be in her early 20s, are not very young, to begin with.

About that, seeing them in a modern style that makes them look taller than they actually are is still cool, and Radennorfiqri still also has a few other young characters, such as Klee and Diona, that will also be subjects that are digitally aged.

With Genshin Impact’s roster of both playable and non-playable characters set to increase even further as the plot of the game and the world evolves and grows, fans will certainly have a lot of chances to have fun with them, whether through the development of fan art such as this one, cosplay, or other ventures.

With Genshin Effect, its environment, and its characters, there’s definitely a lot of fun to be had, beyond just the gameplay.


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