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Dick van Dyke Gave WandaVision Director Advice On How To Nail The Show’s Tone


WandaVision Updates: Dyke sat down with Wandavision ‘s director, Matt Shakman, and helped him to establish rythm for the series’s first few episodes.

Matt Shakman, Director of Wanda’s vision received advice from Dyke for the series sitcom-Esque first few episodes. Wandavision premiered its first two episodes on Disney + over the weekend.

Those episodes dive deeply into the sitcom influences that were known, apart from the show, which through all its nine episodes, will explore different eras of television before becoming what is said to be a brown MCU action movie.

WandaVision has to lay out its premise before the action, its first two episodes just did that. The first episode is classic 50s sitcoms The Dick Van Dyke Show and I Love Lucy, while the second episode moves on to a bewitched like the episode.

For the show to get nailed, the show shot in front of a live studio audience, and the episode itself went heavy on period detail to immerse the audience and the actors in the sitcoms of past years. Shakman also sat down with van Dyke to nail the first show’s few episodes.

Dick van Dyke Gave Advice for WandaVision


According to the ET online, Shakman had lunch with Dyke. That lunch, says Shakman that it was very helpful to nail the rhythm of the show and one that had to balance the comedy and classic sitcom tropes with its larger more ominous story.

Shakman said that the show was deep into the pre-production when he sat down with van Dyke, who told the emulation of classic sitcom tropes the shows will be based on, emphasizing that the silliness of the show had to be grounded in the reality of its world.

WandaVision Emulates the iconic sitcoms it aimed to evoke. Series’ ability to present WandaVision’s idyllic Westview life in the same way sitcoms of the past showed off their respective town, were praised by going through reviews. It seemed that the element of the show is one of the main reasons for the show’s succession attracting those who are tired of the MCU formula and looking for a different and all-around weirder access point to the dense franchise.

Shakman also said that van Dyke has emphasized that humor had to be grounded in reality but with WandaVision reality is not what it seems.

Still, sitcoms of the show were balanced with more outlandish aspects of the superheroes immersed within it, bringing in elements of WandaVision’s power in a way that doesn’t felt out of place they are calling back to. In the coming weeks, WandaVision is expected to continue its sitcom streak.

Seeing how they pull off episodes based on a modern sitcom like The office is exciting, considering the initial episodes aced the important premiere test.