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Beavers and Tauros Schedule Changes: due to pandemic

Beavers and Tauros
Beavers and Tauros

Beavers and Tauros: Tauros is an American hockey team that plays in the Northern American Hockey League. It’s played in Minot city. It was founded in 2011.

Shane Wagner is the head coach of the respected team. It’s the 5th Hockey team. Beavers are the athletic team of men’s and women’s as well.

The official colors for the athletics department are Beaver Orange black, and white. The athletic director of the team is Scott Barnes. There are 17 varsity teams.

The football conflict between the Beavers and Ducks, once known as the Civil War, was one of the longest duration in the country, having been contested 123 times through the 2019 season.

The games were played at Basketball, Football, Golf, Rowing, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Softball, Soccer, Volleyball. Beavers and Tauros are sports playing team’s names.

Beavers and Tauros Schedule:

Due to the pandemic, the schedule of sports got delayed. Because of Covid-19, the sports got postponed as per government orders to stay at home. That’s why winter sports got canceled until at least April 1 due to a dangerous virus; CoronaVirus.

Beavers and Tauros
Beavers and Tauros

The community college of the teams said that it has postponed the winter sports till April 1st as Covid-19 is very dangerous, they won’t be taking any risk to the health of the athletes.

The community organizes sports for men as well as women in winters to enhance the sports spirit. But it has been ceased for the session 2020-2021 because of the pandemic.

As it is very important to put a pause over the cases of Covid-19, everyone needs to play their part. That’s why the community decided to limit their part in the span of Covid-19 and to keep safe our players is the most important thing to do so we will try to do our best activities to keep them safe and healthy as well as to play our part by taking such precautions.

Students should be allowed to practice and to work out on a regular basis as it is important to keep themselves fit and healthy but the teams are close down.

As we all know that it is a loss for the students because of one year of a pandemic but we all should be in unity and understand the present situation. And not making it worse we will delay our sports schedule for some time.

New students can join us in the next session and they should work out this year as well. As it’s our duty to work as a unity when the whole world is suffering from such a menacing situation. We should pray for the best to happen and just wait for the good to happen and practice regularly.


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