Majo No Tabitabi Episode 3: Preview and All You Should Know

Majo no Tabitabi Updates: A Japanese light novel series popularly knows as Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina. The series is made under the direction of Toshiyuki Kubooka and is written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu.

Wandering Witch released on its original streaming network on October 2, 2020, and has managed to drop three episodes until now. further, the makers are planning to drop the fourth episode in a couple of days. The streaming network of the show is AT-X, Tokyo MX, KBS, SUN. however, the rights of the show are with Funimation and Muse Communications.

Wandering Witch is a perfectly animated series and has received immense love from its viewers. The action scenes are executed amazingly and the battles are choreographed in a much better way than most of the other series. Though nothing of this sort has happened yet, however, it is likely to become the best anime of this season.

Here is everything we know about this show. Read further to know about the schedule of episodes and their plotline.

When Will The Third 3rd Episode Release?

The makers of the show have dropped three episodes until now. the third episode was released on October 16, 2020. Previously, on Friday this episode was dropped. We hope you have watched the episode. However, if you have not, please watch it.

The fourth episode of the show will be releasing on Saturday, October 24, 2020. The day is not very far. Hence, keep waiting for other episodes as well. The show has a lot of twists and an interesting plot coming for you.

Where Can You Watch Majo No TabiTabi?

If you need the English dub of the show online, you can watch it on Funimation. However, the show has Japanese audio and English subtitles. You will not get English audio in the show.

Story-line Of The Show

The show exhibits the desires of an innocent girl, Eliana. Eliana observes the adventures of a witch and desires to be a witch herself. However, little did she know about the consequences of becoming a witch. She outperformed in exams and proved that she has what it takes to be a witch. She searches for a mentor to train her to be a witch.

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