Emily in Paris Release Date, Casting Members, Episodes, and Comparison with Sex and the City

Emily in Paris Updates: The series “Emily in Paris” is one of the American comedy series. Sex and the City fans recognize the name “Darren star” as he was the creator of this series. Darren star also created many famous web TV series.

The United States are the country of origin and Netflix is the original language of this series. fans are showing their interest in this series as it was one of the upcoming series among the film industry.  Netflix was distributing this series and all the plans were already scheduled by this network.

Emily in Paris Main Casting Members

Lily Collins is one of the famous American actresses and she acted as Emily. This character makes her reach a good level in the film industry. Emily is a cute girl and she also a colorful character in this series.

In this series, Emily decided to move to Paris in order to get a good job opportunity.  Emily learns many lessons by staying alone in Paris and this scene makes the entire series more twist among the fan clubs.

Another main character emerges in this story named Star kate Walsh and he played his role as Emily’s mentor.

There were also so many French actors in this series and some of the French actors include philippine Leroy Beaulieu, Lucas bravo, Samuel Arnold, Camille Razat, William Abadie, etc, and many other characters also included in this series.

Sex and the City Comparisons are invertible;

The series “sex and the city” compares some scenes and in this series, there was a character named Carrie Bradshaw and she moved to Paris. She learns a lot of things in Paris and also she missed her home town Newyork.  Some of the scenes are related to Emily in Paris. But I am sure this upcoming series will completely different than Sex and the city. Let us wait for the openings.

Emily in Paris Confirmed Release Date

There was already a scheduled date for this series and this upcoming series is set to be released on October 2 on Netflix.  The entire series had 10 episodes and I hope each episode reveals a better storyline.

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