Big Brother: Who will be Evicted in the 7thWeek? Spoilers Ahead

Big Brother Updates: Big Brother is a Dutch reality television show created by John de Mol Jr. The show made its debut in 1999 in the Netherlands. However, it has spread internationally. The show consists of certain contestants called the ‘Housemates’.

These housemates live together in a house specially constructed for the competition. The house is completely isolated from the outer world. Big brother got its name from George Orwell’s novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four. 

What is Happening in the Show?

Until 2019, the show has had 448 episodes. Right now, the show is on its seventh week and the eviction process is increasing its pace. The outcome of the veto competition along with the conversations on the live feed has given a clear screen about what will happen when the voting process will finally be carried out.

Memphis Garrett is currently the Head of Household and is in his second All-Stars week. Further, a big elimination is on its way. Either Da’Vonne Rogers or Kevin Cambell will be heading to the jury.

The goal of Memphis Garrett in the veto competition was to backdoor David Alexander. However, he kept his plan to himself and quietly headed to the veto competition. Further, other housemates did not support the plan of Memphis.

The houseguest did not want to avoid the veto competition the way Memphis wanted. Hence, Tyler Crispen competed and beat Memphis and won. However, he did not use his power of veto. Rogers was resigned to just leave it and let it go. She knew Tyler would not save either of them. 

Big Brother: How did it End?

The episode terminated with assuring that either Da’Vonne Rogers or Kevin Campbell will be going home. However, the live feeds have given a little more information. Until now, all the signs point towards Da’Vonne’s journey in the house coming to end. Hence, Kevin is more likely to stay in the house and Da’Vonne will leave.

However, the fate of Roger is not decided yet. There could be a lot of drama coming up on the show.


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