Hit Man Official Teaser Released on Netflix!

The Hit Man trailer is here, along with the official release date. Richard Linklater, the filmmaker of Boyhood and Before Sunrise, directed the action comedy based on a script co-written with actor Glen Powell.

It follows Gary Johnson (Powell), a professor and undercover police officer who pretends to be a hitman to catch those who want to engage his services, a challenging task that becomes even more problematic when he falls in love with a gorgeous client named Maddy Masters (Adria Arjona).

Hit Man | Official Trailer

Glen Powell is an enchanting master of disguise in the first ‘Hit Man’ trailer. Glen Powell is an enchanting master of disguise in the first ‘Hit Man’ trailer. The trailer begins with a gorgeous scene where Johnson sits at a restaurant table wearing aviators and chatting with Maddy about pie. The rest of the video shows the sexual, dangerous web built around the two characters throughout the film.

The film follows Gary Johnson (Powell), a professor turned fake hitman who finds himself out of his mind after falling head over heels for a lady (Adria Arjona) who hires him for his alleged skills.

The teaser provides us some insight into their relationship and Gary’s remarkable disguise skills without revealing too much about the tragedy that awaits them when the film arrives on Netflix in June.

Film director Linklater takes a fairly traditional premise for a captivating noir and discovers the underlying dark humor & philosophical problems, resulting in a darkly thrilling movie that has you on the edge of your seats & gasping for air despite Linklater’s typical laid-back manner.

Inspired by a true story featured in the Texas Monthly, the movie is a meta-exploration of the skill of acting itself and has a lot going on with a hectic storyline, unlike most of Linklater’s works.

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The Cast and Crew of Hit Man.

Hit Man

Glen Powell stars as the lead in Hit Man, and many believe this to be his breakout performance.

Adria Arjona, best known for her role as Bix Caleen in Andor, plays the film’s leading lady, Maddy Masters, and has received similarly outstanding reviews for her performance, as well as the unquestionable instant chemistry between her and Powell that flows through onto the screen, which also director Richard Linklater couldn’t help but gush over.

The film also includes  comedian Sanjay Rao, Evan Holtzman (Hidden Figures), Austin Amelio (Everybody Wants Some!!), Retta (Parks and Recreation), Molly Bernard (Younger), & Mike Markoff in small parts.

Hit Man will make its Netflix debut on June 7, following its short theatrical run.