Cobra Kai Season 6 Episodes and Runtime Revealed?

Recently the Co-Creator Hayden Schlossberg of Cobra Kai has revealed the Episode count for Season 6, and the runtime of the series will be the longest from any of the previous series.

Netflix‘s highly successful Karate Kid sequel series began as a peculiar success story for the now-defunct streaming service YouTube Red. Six years after the release of Cobra Kai season 1, the show will start developing on season 6, the series’ final season.

Cobra Kai Season 6 Release Date

Cobra Kai Season 6
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The release date for Cobra Kai Season 6 has yet to be established. However, co-creator Schlossberg recently revealed a few fascinating details about the upcoming season, stating that it will run for ten episodes and be more extended in total than any previous season.

Furthermore, Schlossberg noted that the show’s goal is to be released in 2024 while adding that the last episode will be extra-long (he did not give an exact timeframe).

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Who Will Appear In Cobra Kai Season 6?

Cobra Kai Season 6

The entire original ensemble cast of Cobra Kai will likely return for season 6. The show’s stars, LaRusso and Lawrence, will undoubtedly return for the final season.

Miguel (Xolo Mariduea), Robby (Tanner Buchanan), Tory (Peyton List), Sam (Mary Mouser), Hawk (Jacob Bertrand), & Demetri (Gianni DeCenzo) are among the show’s young cast members who are bound to return.

Danny’s wife Amanda (Courtney Henggeler)  and son Anthony (Gryphon Santopietro) will probably return, as will Johnny’s pregnant love interest Carmen (Vanessa Rubio). These characters have been a part of Cobra Kai’s main cast since it began and are almost sure to return for its final run.

Kenny Payne, played by Dallas Dupree Young, and Chozen, played by Yuji Okumoto, are set to return. Joe Seo, who has played Kyler since season one, is also expected to return.

Meanwhile, Martin Kove’s John Kreese, who has played a villain/anti-hero throughout season 2, is expected to return in season 6. Danny’s uncle Louie (Bret Ernst), as well as karate students Mitch (Aedin Mincks), Nathaniel (Nathaniel Oh), Chris (Khalil Everage),  & Bert (Owen Morgan), are all expected to return in recurring or guest roles.

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The Story of Cobra Kai Season 6?

Cobra Kai Season 6

So far, the plot of Cobra Kai’s season 6 has been kept under wraps. Season 5 did, however, leave many missing pieces that must be settled in season 6.

The season’s primary focus is whether Cobra Kai has ultimately been defeated. Season 5 implies as much, with the students tossing their t-shirts at Silver and fleeing the dojo after discovering Cobra Kai’s true nature.

However, with Kreese and De-Eun still on the loose, Cobra Kai may be able to reunite. Kreese’s season 6 plot will be fascinating because he has escaped prison, and his motives are unknown.

The Sekai Takai will likely be a major storyline in season 6. This karate event is far more prestigious than the All-Valley event and is known as the “Super Bowl” of karate.

Cobra Kai & Miyagi-Do both qualified for the competition in season 5. As a result, Miyagi-Do will prepare to compete in the Sekai Takai under the combined leadership of Johnny, Danny, and (probably) Chozen in season 6.

While the Netflix announcement video mostly features flashbacks from previous seasons, it does promise that season 6 of Cobra Kai will be the greatest and worst ever.