Living for the Dead Official Trailer Breakdown!

The Trailer For Kristen Stewart’s LGBT Ghost-Hunting Series Living for the Dead Has Arrived, And It Looks Spine-Chillingly Wonderful. Get ready, Halloween and scary fans, for your next obsession.

Kristen Stewart is set to launch a new docuseries in time for the spookiest holiday of the year, and this time she’s taken things up a notch.

The show Living for the Dead will feature a team of paranormal investigators exploring America’s most famous haunted locations in search of evidence of the afterlife.

Living for the Dead | Official Trailer

The two-minute Living for the Dead teaser, released on Tuesday, previews what it means in all its homos*xual grace. Stewart, the series’ executive producer, and narrator, will appear in a cameo, marching proudly with a trans flag.

The trailer of the supernatural reality series introduces viewers to the “Ghost Hunters,” a group of five homos*xual paranormal investigators.

Alex LeMay (also called a “tech expert” in the trailer), Juju Bae (“witch”), Ken Boggle (“tarot card reader”), Logan Taylor (“psychic”), and Roz Hernandez (“paranormal researcher”) are among others on the team.

Our LGBT “Ghost Hunties” investigate famed haunted locales while pushing boundaries with the Living and the dead.

The first trailer for Living for the Dead reveals that the new series will be campy, amusing, and a touch terrifying — but not too scary, so everyone should be able to watch.

During the trailer, one of the team members says something that anchors the entire show: “We’re not just here to give voices to the ones who are no longer with us — we’re here to make the situations of people living it better.”

“I get to come out twice,” Taylor says in the trailer at one point, “for being gay and speaking to dead people.” Based on the rest of the teaser, the emotion appears to wrap up the series. 

While there are plenty of conventional creepy moments, there is also enough campy humor and camaraderie that you won’t find on other more well-known genre favorites.

The Hunties will explore haunted places across America in 8 episodes, including the Clown Motel, the Palomino in Nevada, and the Waverly Hills Sanitorium and Palace Theatre in Kentucky.

The program’s executive producer Kristen Stewart has called it “the gayest, funniest, most captivating queer ghost-hunting show ever.”

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Release Date of Living for the Dead.

Living for the Dead

There can never be enough worldwide gay ghost-hunting media. Therefore, we’re looking for more. Hulu premieres the new paranormal drama “Living for the Dead” during Halloween, debuting on October 18, 2023.