Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 Is Coming Tomorrow on ABC!

The reality dating show is back for Bachelor in Paradise Season 9, and viewers are so ready for the romance, drama, and of course!- The gorgeous views of the stunning Mexico beaches.

Bachelor in Paradise is a spinoff of the extremely popular and successful ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette dating shows. By this we mean, that this reality dating show is a ‘second chance’ for the eliminated contestants from The Bachelor/Bachelorette.

Each season, the eliminated contestants get the golden chance to spend some time in a luxury resort in Mexico – whilst getting to know the other contestants in hopes of chancing upon true love while they discuss their elimination from the main show and sipping on sangria!

However, just like the main shows, The Bachelor in Paradise also involves ceremonies where these contestants are completely eliminated from the show and the spinoff. There are also several good and bad fireworks between them but this drama is what makes it all the more fun and exciting.

The Bachelor In Paradise offers tons of guilty pleasure for millions of viewers who tune in to find out what happens between their favorite men and women. We root for these stars too!

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 First Look

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9

The first-look sneak-peek trailer of Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 gives the viewers enough assurance that the cast members and contestants will have a lot of romance, steamy heat, and a lot more drama across the Mexico coastline. There will be flirting, romance, fighting, friendship, and feuds – with a lot of glam.

Like every season, Bachelor in Paradise S9 will feature several familiar faces – and you will just have to tune in to watch and recognize these faces!

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Where Can You Watch Bachelor in Paradise?

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9

The new episodes of the reality dating show air on ABC every week while they will be available for streaming on the OTT platform Hulu.

Season 9 premiers on ABC on September 29th at 9 PM EST.

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Some Cast Members starring in Season 9

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9

As you know, season 9 contestants feature fan faves from the previous seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Currently, some of the members that will be appearing in this season of Bachelor in Paradise include:

Greer Blitzer (The Bachelor S27)

Jessica Girod (The Bachelor S27)

Katherine Izzo (The Bachelor S27)

Eliza Isichei (The Bachelor S26 and Bachelor in Paradise S8)

Aaron Schwartzman (The Bachelorette S20)

Sean McLaughlin (The Bachelorette S20)

Do you recognize any of these cast members? If you do – hold your breath, they’re definitely coming to your screens for more drama, romance, and steamy affairs.

Join in on the fun in Mexico on September 29th!